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Installed Custom Firmware...

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...Onto my router. Now, it's overclocked, screaming fast with super-low latency. OnLive runs at near-perfection. I am a very happy boy right now.

Comcast ****

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I can't even play OnLive when they throttle my connection. It's horrible. It's so laggy and stupid.

Can't wait for FiOS to get in my area. I'm tired of this bull****. Fiber Optic all the way.


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Is the best thing since sliced bread.

Get ready..

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I'm about to do something really cool, so watch out. :o

Stay tuned in the comment section below...

I love my projector.

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I love it. I have an Optoma HD70. It's only 720p, but damn. The image quality is amazing. The black levels and shadow detail is FAR superior to any LCD TV.

I have a 92" screen and it just looks stunning at night. Gaming on this thing is a dream come true.

This projector cost $850 when I got it a few years ago, but they have much better ones out now.

Once I got this, I never looked back at TV again. DLP is awesome.

Here are a couple screenshots to show you what this thing can do.