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    The new gen is gonna cost us a lot...

    Ok,so after checking the new E3 and looking at recent PC games requirements on sites like game-debate,I've gotta say...going for next gen is going to cost (us,of course) a lot of money...For starters,...

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    I think I'll go with the 6th era. It's the one that left a huge impact in the world of gaming. The 5th did too,but the 6th...well it made serious history. So yeah,I'd like to go back to the 6th genera...

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    I say "patience".No game console started out as strong as it's predecesor ended.We'll see what kind of games will come in the near future.Do you think we'll get more sequels to old series or more ent...

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    I quite honestly don't know how long they can keep this up.I mean,generation after generation,it will get worse in time.We'e lost the count with all the new Pokemon and the new evolutions.Don't get me...

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    Happy New Year!

    Happy New Year everyone! I wish for 2014 to be full of good moments for all of us! And,since we are on GS,we might as well wish for some good new games ;)

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    User Rating 8
    It mixes elements from games of it's kind and puts some of it's own.The result : Great!

    I finished Darksiders a few days ago and I feel like writing a review of it.Here we go!Graphics : 8/10Sound/Soundtrack : 7/10Gameplay: 9/10Length/Replayability : 8/10What is this game about? : Well,ba...

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  • Riku200 rated romland25's review for Preordering Ninja Gaiden 3, I was worried after I saw all the reviews of this game from 3.0 to 80%. They're wrong!!!!, as not helpful.
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    User Rating 8
    A full review for a truly great football game that can keep you interested for a long time.

    Hello everyone! This time I'm going to review Pro Evolution Soccer (heck when are they gonna call it football already) 2013,or commonly known as PES 2013. Alright,first,I'll have you know that I'll r...

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    Hey everyone!! Missed me?

    Hello there boys and girls! Yours truly is back...yup,I am. It's been a while but it looks like I am back into gaming...and to be honest,more than I ever was.This is monstly because I am waiting for t...