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Story log

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Stories that shall be remaked are the following

Pokemon Heart

Pink Moon

Cats lost love 2

I'll just be doing a few fanfictions to work out the kinks in my style

Back to Basics and Union Hunting

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Well as the title states I'm going back to my old stories and givivng them a much need reboot seeing that I was in a year long slump of writers block I took a step back in time and viewed my old posts and reviewed them. After seeing that I was instantly peppy again, but I miss the comfort of writing in post instead of copy and paste perhaps its the colorful lights that give me hope idk, but I'll be writitng again not just to review comments but to also get back into the grove of writing long handed again. So I'll post a story perhaps once a day to get back into my old habit and perhaps feel inspairaed to turn one of my stories into a novel I have the book to teach me how to make a novel I just need motivation and the will to make the plot and the pages.

Oh and I'm looking for nice Writer Unions so that I could gain more readers and also read others stories so that I may be stregethen myself and others. The types of writer guilds I'm looking for would have to be those revoving around all the genres and Fanfic guilds like Sonic and Pokemon are happly accepted but MLP has also influenced me to try my hand at the fandom too despite not seeing a single espoide its kinda like The Ledgend of Zelda everything is perfect the Bosses, the towns folks and the magic but we never hear anyone one talk, I feel that your actions speak louder then your words so a quiet discord is better then a talking one in my opinion. I'll try to make them as they are described on the wiki and making them as close to there original selves as possible. I just hope I still have my Creativity *sweats*

In other news I graudated High School and has moved to the Lone Star state awesome, the bad news is I have to get a job but most of my talents relate to talking and I have a very hard time Talking to a largw body of people or even maintaining eye contact. I was thinking of becoming a teacher or a Lawyer since I am good with laws but the court room could be a very scary place.:cry: well this is Rikos Over and out

Is anyone besides me pee off about hyper links

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I notice recently there have been alot of links to pop ups in my pms even in stories i wrote four years ago to links that have nothing to do with the word. I wonder if this is an invasion of adversing more like unwanted advertising/ What do u guys think.

Bus Troubles

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So there was a bit of a problem this week, a fight almost broke out on the bus monday, and my Bus driver decided to quit afterwards, so here is how it started, we were all on the bus I was talking with one of the girls and we where decussing how inmature the people on the bus were from the drug users to the all out hellraisers while, i was agring with her on most points I had to disagree on some parts because she sounded a bit spiteful at the moment

The busy was getting very crazy when a pregnant girl who by the thinks the who world owes her something is very mean to everyone she comes across.

Any a big fuss breaks out and we lost a bus driver so we were almost let for school five times one time I wasn't even sure the bus would come at my spot

well thats it for today laters

I haven't post a story here in a while well here is oneSonic stood on a lushes,

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Sonic stood on a lushes, flower-covered hill, over seeing the vast misty valley below. Once a week the carefree wanderer would sit back to watch the sunrise, seeing the sun shining high and bright made him feel great. After a few minutes of peace Sonic returned to his house: a big, blue two storied house with stone cut flooring and a shed. (which he barely uses).

Walking up the steep stone steps, he stops feeling something's not right, grabbing the door knob, sonic slowly opens the door. Darkness blanketed the living room, robbing it of all its color. Reaching for the light switch, he restored the vivid room back to life; blue shades all around, a blinding slight from lamp to toaster all was blue. Walking into his room, he caught glimpse of a shadowy figure,. Quickly turning on the lights, it was nothing but mirages in his eyes, or was it?. Pondering what he saw, Sonic, reaches into the closet to be hit by a strong fragrance, gasping for air, stumbling to a nearby window, opening it Sonic could finally breath. After clearing his nose of the stench.

"Hello?" He cried out, "Who's in there, sorry but visiting hours don't begin until ten"
Reaching inside Sonic, holds his breath trying not to get any of the fragrance in his lungs, he felt something soft, and warm, with a texture of silk overlapping it. Reaching further, he felt something with a mixture of hard and soft, and warm, then suddenly a light laugher. Sent sonic jumping but, he noticed that laugh it couldn't be and most of all it shouldn't be her.

"Amy," He yelled, "I thought I told you to stay out my room"

The door slid open slowly, revealing a cute, pink hedgehog with a solid red dress to match, fixing her dress she gave sonic, a dreamy gaze, then blushes dark red, looking away nervously. "Hi, Son..ic, um fancy meeting you here hehe"
Sonic, grabbed Amy's arm, daggering her out the room, "Your leaving right now"
Tears began to fall as Amy, grabbed the door knob with a swift yet, graceful spin, throw her holder into his bed.

"Sonic, you can't just touch a girl and throw her out, that ungentlemanly, and plus you touched me"

Sonic, rubbed his head then looked at Amy, "I did not touch you, besides what are you doing in my house at" Sonic checking his watch, "6: 29, in the bloody morning"
Amy sighed, then fixed her bangs.

"Boys are so dumb, Sonic a few minutes ago you were touching something right, felt good didn't it"

"Yeah, felt like a heated bag of water so" \

Amy, pulled out her hammer, about to hit Sonic, "What the. You dumb piece of"

Sonic, got into Amy's face, "What were you about to say Amy, I'm a dumb piece of what"
Amy went from anger to sorrow as she, kissed the unexpected blue jerk wade, then after exchanging lovely spit, she kicks him in the groin. "You may be dumb, and a jerk and, I know you are a piece of candy, but I'm your girl understand that" With a morn Sonic fell like the rain, down, down, down.

Amy dragged Sonic, by the arm ignoring his threats to call the cops or to sue. She hummed a sweet tune, while laying her trophy on the sofa. "I'm going to make you a nice hearty meal, and your going to eat it" Sonic spat at her as a response. Wiping the spit off her dress, Amy punched him with assistive force, ratting his teeth and spilling so drops of blood on the floor. "That's it I was going to let you feed yourself but, now I'm going to have to do it."

Walking into the kitchen, Amy began muttering to herself, "Sonic, I didn't mean to knock your block off, I just lost it that's all. No more I will have more self control from now on"

After an hour, Amy walks into the living room, cheese burger, chill dogs and piece of cake on the side. Seeing her sweetheart sitting on the sofa with a bloody white rag in his mouth. "Sonicoo, I made you your favorite, and relax I won't go totally psycho on you"

Sonic, took the rag out of his, mouth, blood dripped continuously. "I so hate you right now," Amy smiled wiping the fresh blood of his muzzle with, a napkin. "Sonic, I'm sorry, now please eat" Looking, at her then back to his plate, he didn't want to eat anything at the moment, but he was she might start pulling teeth, so he ate. First eating the cheese, burger, it tasted, so tasty but, the only thing bothering him was the dry taste and the lack of greasy flavor, he so loved. The chilidog fixed what the burger missed with it's moist texture and spicy taste. Sonic noticed Amy watching him eat this whole time, she gave him that same look when she came out the closet spacey and luminous, it was really creepy. Sonic looked at his desert: A succulent strawberry shortcake with a dollop of cream on top. Looking over at Amy, Sonic didn't take his eyes off her, curious of what her motives were. Slowly picking up the spoon, he takes a piece, examines it then, softly drops the piece into his mouth, swooshing it around in his mouth for a disgusting three minutes Amy, takes the piece of cake away from him.

"Hey, what did you do that for, I was eating it"

"Yeah right sonic you were, totally checking it for some kind of knock out drug"

"Ah ha, so you did try to poison me"

Amy threw the cake into Sonic's face then walks towards the door, turns to Sonic, "I'm going out, I'll be back around three or 6, depending on how much I love you" Amy slammed the door behind her causing a few picture frames to hang off the nail.

Walking down the street Amy she sees a red store in the distance. It was Knuckle's new hobby, running a liquor store. Opening the door, Amy sees a red echidna wearing a black in white stripe shirt and black pants like a referee in a soccer game. He sat behind the counter polishing a few rings until he saw, Amy walk in, he put down the rings and opened the cash safe. Amy laid her head on the clean mirror like counter top sighing,

Knuckles didn't want to know what was wrong with the girl, but she loves to talk and if she talks it may bring in more consumers so it could be a big win if he played his cards right. "Hey, Amy was the matter, has Sonic given you the finger again?"

Amy, nodded then, grabbed a small boat of cheap wine. "I just can't believe, thought I tried to poison him." Amy opened the bottle about to take a sip, until Knuckles was about to stop her but, then it hit him. She was vital to his success so he can let her have a bottle or two.

Taking a sip she continued, "I love that bastard, I let him touch me for heavens sake."
Knuckles brow rose in confusion.
"He, touched you?"
Amy deposited more wine from the bottle, she dropped her head for a few seconds but, to knuckles it felt like minutes, seeing that she's deep in the ocean now.
A few groans came from the seemingly dead corpse as, it immediately spring back to life. back to life. Her eyes were now dim, not filled with life after drinking that sinful wine.

"He rubbed my tits Knuckles, then he has the nerve to tell me to get out, stupid speedy freak of nature"

"Maybe, if you didn't stalk him like a serial killer maybe he would be more into you, I don't know." Knuckles commented, trying not to make direct eye contact with the tipsy Amy. She give Knuckles a mean glare then, looked back down at the bottle, on the verge of crying.

"Knuckles, your so nice to me, why are you so nice?"
Knuckles shrugged, giving Amy, a refill on her wine, then serves it to her. "I just know, what to say I guess"

Amy busted into tears, "why can't Sonic be like you, a gentlemen"

Knuckles, pats Amy, on the back then takes her out the chair, "Um I'm taking you home now, don't let Sonic bring the worst out of you and other stuff"

Amy, laughs before drifting off to a wine induced sleep, Knuckles, looked at a dirty countertop then sighs, "That's the last time I'm giving her any drink" Knuckles then realized an important thing, "Isn't she too young to ah Damn it"

Knocking on the door" for a good two minutes, Knuckles threatens to break the door causing Sonic it open it. Sonic sees Amy resting in Knuckles arms, "What's that doing here"

Knuckles lays Amy on the sofa, "She had too much to drink, I wouldn't blame her after all the hell you put her though" Sonic gazed over to her, then looked over to and knuckles and spoke with discomfort in his voice. "I knew she loved me. I didn't know why she does, I never really minded the attenion but , of all people why does she follow me."

Knuckles shrugged, before deciding it was best to return to the store before he got robbed, waving good bye Knuckles left Sonic and Amy to be alone. Sonic paced around the kitchen table, feeling the pains of his past actions weight on his mind like a sandbag. "Why I hate that pink little…" Sonic heard a noise coming from the living where Amy slept.
"…Sonic, keep it down" Amy groaned in pain, while turning on her sides. "I need some water please, make sure its cold but not too cold" Sonic bit his touge then nodded in reply. Searching for a glass in his cabinets he stumbles upon a dusty old mug; green with yellow stripes running across it. Smiling menacingly, he filled the nasty cup with water: it changed the water from clear to a distasteful gray muck.

Sonic approached his guest with, formal charming demeanor while belie his true motives. "Amy, here's your water enjoy" Handing Amy the glass, then smiled "I was thinking Amy, if your not sick tomorrow, maybe we could go for a walk, what do ya say? Amy, saw the foggy water, and called her "Oh, Sonic this cup is dirty, throw it, wash, burn it do what you have to do to clean this mud crap out" Sonic apologized then carried the cup back into the kitchen.

Sonic, rinsed out the cup.

I'm sick of Wars

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Yeah I'm Sick of all theses War shows it got annoying after pawn star remakes now they waste my time with this garbage. I can't see how people like theses shows and shipping wars don't get me starteed

Happy new Year to all my Friends, Cheers and Godly blessing to all of you

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I wish you all a grand new year, as for me i will be waiting for 2012 Dec 21 so i can assure what they surely believe was doomsday was all a big hoax and that people should be more self aware of what is truth and tricky.

What are you guys Revolutions mine are to be more self aware of my opportunities and well any reasonable and fair chance I get to improve myself. I hope one day to become a good person. I have really been lacking on my manners and health I need to fix those right away.

Love is so cruel to some people

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As I lay in the comfort of my domain, watching the telly. I tune into Jerry Spring and watch with frustration as beauty somewhat dizty damsels fight over a beast of men, who look as ogres and act as oni who drink and smoke from dusk til dawn. I listen to the excuses being passed around and nod my head in utter shame for many men are giving us gentlemen a bad name.

I sometimes blame myself for the misfortune of others who were disowned by the hand of cupid. Even though I am happy loved by my angel, I at time with I could save those from the crushing blow of being dumped but its the questions that rattle in my head is why would beauty girls some of high manners, fall for some men who are... I hate to say "Society's expendables" Or those who America would do so much better without.

I at am blown away be the most dumbest excuses that the girls come up with to stay in a dead end relationship. Cause J'adore que lui or roughly translated from french

Because I love him, I know love is true and joyful but there is a fine well drawn line between love and desperation. Well I want to know what you guys believe and what your opinion are. I know that some guys are so dumb they didn't see that coming.

Well laters Rikos outs

Best wishes

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I hope everyone had a lovely chrismas break, I;ll be poping in every now and then to say hey, Well laters

A place I will go back to someday

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I plan on studying German so I can one day return to Germany to visit the place of my birth ah, it feels odd saying the pledge when knowing your not born on the mainland. I guess thats why I'm not all that patriotic about America. It feels good though seeing the world from an american and German prespective.

Well I bid you ado my friends