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Days with little to do.

Okay I guess I am writing this to myself but hey whatever its saturday not much to do so why not game for a bit hey? Well not just yet I will have to tidy up a little bit and then maybe I will start some deus ex.

If its as good as people say then I will likely be losing my life to it for the next week or so, what a shame not that there is much life to lose right now haha. I often wonder why people play games apart from the fun factor involved, I mean call of duty gets far to competitive and has quite a rude fanbase at times and halo is not much better off. Why would people do that get angry at games, I mean losing is annoying but I never go further than quitting to be fair.

My personal preference for games right now is probably the achievements, being rewarded for my time spent on the games in general I try to get every achievement on the games I really had fun playing, mass effect 2 really deserves that but I will work on it. I think I have completed about 30 xbox games retail and arcade so far, not bad for several years of a hobby hey?

Anyway I will cut this short as nobody will read it which kind of makes this pointless but whatever peace out and maybe I will write more thoughts down later.