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Well if everyone is going to do it, at least add a little variation? Like maybe some pubic hair, square scrotum, or beside a pair of melons. I'd appreciate the change no matter how vulgar they are.
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In the Philippines, staying with family members would be considered honorable. But the way I see your problem, just let him have his way. It's not like you need two people taking care of your dad. And if he has his way, maybe he'll cool down his head and come back smiling. He can't possibly hold a grudge can he?
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realize you fvcked up and never do it again


if she's been ignoring you for a while now, it's probably a lost cause. this stuff happens.

You won't get a better answer than this.
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In a sense, they're like educational videos to prepare you for the real thing.
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Since no one knows, I'll just it goes to a parallel universe where you change sex, change race, and basically everything you know now is reversed. But the memories go to the grave with your previous life so you have no recollection of it. In fact, this is the 152,358th life for you but you have absolutely no ideal. I'm telling you this now so that the possibility of you regaining memories of your past life will increase.
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I'm a guy and I don't want a wife. I have a husband, we both work and we don't have children.
Two cashflows, no moaning women, no responsibility for children, lots of freedom. Yeah I like it :D

I am honestly curious about what a situation like that would be. I'd imagine it would be incredibly laid back, free, and stress free. But the downsides? I wouldn't know, but there has to be :|
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Well, I'd see myself and my wife working and doing chores. When it comes to children, I would like to emphasize independence as early as possible. So I'd imagine the first 3-5 years would be incredibly demanding, especially on sleep. But I hope that it will all pay off and I could have a child who isn't afraid to defend himself/herself and manage alone.
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I enjoy walking along quiet paths or isolated areas and talking to myself to the point of almost singing. It's probably not that weird but if someone who knew me saw me doing it, they would probably think I was insane.
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I always wanted to make an electric company that utilizes treadmills connected to an electric generator. Then I'll pay people to run and exercise to provide electricity. The electricity they generate will be stored to provide energy for households.
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I should probably be outside spending time with friends instead of posting here. but, oh well.