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I'm good to go

Well my PS3 is finally online and fully function, I was trying to install three of my games:

Battlefield: Bad Comapny, LittleBigPlanet and Resistance 2. Couldn't get the update for Bad Comapny though. I'll do that later.

My PSN is GammaGreande, add me if you can ;)

The (Incredibly late) New Year Update

Again, was gone for awhile...haha, I'm just lazy to blog, I guess =/

Anyway, I was playing Shin megami Tensei Imagine for quite awhile and I was with my family. Great new year...

I still haven't got my copy of P4, play-asia is as slow as my ass in bed trying to wake up.

And, for the great year of 2009, I have finally got myself a PS3 with a decent LCD TV screen! My first game is Resistance 2 and I'm getting MGS4 right after. Though I need to squeeze it into my apartment which is gonna take awhile, but I'll finish ;)

And as we speak, I am making my own custom PS3 theme!

Here's the beta:


Don't mind it, I still havent finished it and when I do, I'll be sure to show it to all of you ;)

And check out the Persona X Union for my latest banner so far after a long time.


I hope to get back and get that PS3 running soon ;)

I just want to remind you that...


If you didn't expect that, you either forgot about me or just don't know me that well.

So what's up?

Well, I bought Spore. It's not too bad of a game but it can only last so long.

I'm in the Shin Megami Tensei Imagine Beta! Yeah, it's out and free.

And I count most of my seconds waiting for my delivery of P4 :D:D:D

Except for the goddamn FINALS!!


But anyway, after finals and it's vacation I might be more active, I dunno, I said the same thing and you're only hearing from me now =/

So yeah, life has been great, I've been hanging out with my friends a lot and soon a cross country this Thursday.

I'm sorry that I've been missing gamespot though, it's just so much is going on so yeah.

But it's great be able to tell everyone I'm still here though, so yeah.

Hello, goodbye, and sorry in advanced :)

It's all good.

Hello people!

I've been gone awhile haven't I? I think about 2 months.

It's done me a lot of good, I feel like appreciating life a lot more then before, gaming seems like such a distant thing to me now.

But lately, I've been playing some BF2 again just for fun, probably won't be playing much...

At least until Persona 4!

Hell yeah!

To everyone: Well I'll not exactly back for just, I'll try to to post in your blogs more now but still, I want to enjoy life and you guys should too!

Persona X: I'm sorry for being so irresponsible, I haven't logged on at all lately...but if you want me to quit then I will, if it's for my union. Also, send me a quick PM if there is something you need me to do ;)

Also, I've actually been online a few times, just never the blogs (Persona 4 Forum) so yeah, sorry about that guys.

Well Persona 4 is coming soon but my PS2 gaming doesn't end there...

There are other games for PS2 I plan to get

Re: Chain of Memories

Legend of Spyro: Dawn of the Dragon

Disgaea 2

Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Summoner: Raidou Kuzunoha vs The Avadon King (When it comes out in english)

Shadow of the Colosseus

And I plan to get Republic Commando again because it's just awesome, especially the singleplayer.

When will I get a PS3? I will never know.

So yeah, sorry I was gone for sooo long but I'll try to be more active now, just for you guys ;)

PS: I have made myself a new icon to start the new age! (When it updates...) A new sig will probably be called for (I love my current Rise one...but I can add more girls!!) and I'll probably add another banner to my collection when I make one.

This is all easier with the release of the Persona 4 Art book release ;)

Again, hope to see you guys!

I feel so guilty.

I'm really sorry guys, life has just been...lively

And I've been pretty dead here in gamespot. I haven't been posting on your blogs either!!

If you untrack me then I would understand, it's probably because I'm losing interest in blogging. Not that I won't come here but yeah.

I just feel like I wasted too much time on the computer and that I should start using most of it for life. So I'm really sorry guys, I can't apologize enough.

And I apologize to the Persona Union, I'm such an inactive and careless leader. If the union wants me to resign as leader then I would be obliged to do it.

It's been awhile.

Sorry if I haven't been posting in your blogs and such.

I've been in a pretty social mood lately :P

Well whats new? Not much except I have this strange desire to get Disgaea 2 now. Don't even ask.

As days pass by Persona 4 comes closer. Anyone check out the Persona 4 interview on IGN?


If you listen closely at the end, you'll be able to hear Margaret's voice who is voiced by Tara Patt AKA Mitsuru.

Also, I haven't seen Kuma(Or now current Teddie) use the word Teddie in his sentences... YET.

Well what now? not much, I've still been jogging so that I can get even fitter, they started serving new cereal at school is a good diet too so it's like everyone saw me jogging and decided to do something :lol:

Well that's all, sorry if I haven't been posting in your blogs, you know, life.

Dance, the movement of expressions.

Well today I had one huge dance party for our school.

Well at first I was pretty shy to even dance but as soon as I started making moves of my own, I was dancing like a mad man that high and was totally drunk when I was asking everyone else to dance :lol:

This was from about 6:30 PM to 9:30 PM. Felt like 5 hours too me but it was fantastic.

I was really doing some strange moves though, from shaking my hips, vibrating my legs, making circles with my head and even doing leg sweeps and jumping which really got me a good scream amongst the crowd. They were empowering me to dance even more! especially in special circles.

I also have a friend who is about 3 grades younger then me, I would consider us partners as we always had our own dance offs, it just felt so damn good! I loved it!

There were also some secret judges too who were secretly hunting for a king and queen, the King was....my very own Partner of course! Together we made one heck of a team, we were jumping everywhere but some people thought I would have won but the judges had to choose one of us so I guess they could call me the "Second King" :P

We both gave ourselves one huge high five that his had turned completely red! and he's like 3 years younger them me! :lol:

so the dance ended, a friend of mine, who is actually female if you can believe me seemed completely down, I felt kind of worried so I asked her, she doesn't usually tell me anything anyway so I decided to stop asking.

As soon as she left and I took my bath, I decided to text her about what happened, I don't want to go into details but she's in a bit of a fit right now so hopefully someone can cheer her up eventually :(


Well that's all for now, haven't been uploading anything lately or gaming, been busy going outside and having school, but I have been able to make time for your blogs so rejoice!

This is my Resolution!

As of tomorrow, I am planning to go jogging every morning!

I mean don't take it the wrong way, I'm pretty fit, I can jog for at least 5 Kilometers and possibly more. In fact I like jogging, it feels refreshing in so many ways.

So I've planned a route and planning to do as many laps as I can from 5am to 6am then take a bath and finally, school.

On weekends I might go from 5am to 7am or maybe even more, depends on my mood and I'll probably do it in my free time.

So that's my blog for today and an update! School? Average. Gaming? I've failed it :(. Persona 4? 89 more days!!

Oh and here's a song I made out of boredom in the Persona 4 Counting down to Persona 4 topic:

I'm living my life~~~

Abound with the thought of P4~~~

Come on December, you gotta get here soon.

I'm trying to supress the feelin', but it's no use hey, I'm excited.

loadin' loadin' loadin' quickly losing sanity.

want it, want it, wann' it, the day will probably never come.

Get up on my feet, and walk to the day.

Catch a glipse, in youtube everyday~~~

Snopin' round there won't get me no where.

I will lose it, before it gets heeeeeerreeee

I'm trapped in, this 3 months of waiting.

Nothing to do, until the day.

I'm gaze out in school, I search for the time, when it comes~~~.

Using the Pursuing my True Self as a tune, I dare you to sing it :P

Special Thanks:

Just4yoshi for a previous blog.

My strange interest for jogging.

My living in school thing for I have a big free and protected space ;)

So, that was it?

So today I finally finished Elfen Lied, The Manga. All 107 chapters.

Well it took awhile, personally I was so eager to see the ending that I didn't care what was gonna happen.

Man, I wish I was listening to I'll Face Myself when I was reading it :P

So the ending was cute, emotional? Well I've seen a lot of emotional stuff lately so I didn't really feel sad at all. But I'm sure some men would cry :lol:

Again, what's today? Nothing much.

Haven't been uploading either so sorry...:(

Again, anotheraverage day.

Oh well, life goes on.


Heh, been lacking.

Didn't blog like usual, been spending more time outside and lately it's been feeling good.

Been gaming very little, chances are I probably won't game until I get Persona 4 which I AM STLL LOOKING FORWARD TOO LIKE HELL YEAH!!!

A gamer? *Shrug* Guess not, I still come to gamespot yet I don't even play games anymore. I go to the Persona 3 FES forums but they rarely talk about gameplay and just chat about the dumbest of things, I still enjoy it there and here.

My passion for gaming? Ever since the PS3 era started, it just died down everyday, getting weaker and weaker.

For one, I only have a PS2, that's all, I haven't gotten any other consoles at all, not even PSP. Well it's just that there are still so many more games, I feel like I missed out on yet at the same time I feel like I'm missing out on current games since I don't have a PS3 and such. It's a sad void.

Well not much lately, just average SCHOOL DAYS (hehehe) coming and going, still can't wait for Persona 4 as mentioned earlier.

Anyway, I guess that's all for today and you know what?


(Note: The countdown has been sent a day forward for this day is about to end anyway.)