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What ''Rheinmetall'' stands for.

This is my first attempt to create a blog, and this is my first topic. So, it's more like an exercise of writing style. I only hope it isn't taken as an exercise in English language, because I struggle to express myself in a foreign language. I ask for your understanding for my mistakes.

My nickname "Rheinmetall" is taken from the name of a German arms industry. The story goes back some years ago, when I was in the army, serving my military service in the Greek Air-Force, where I had been assigned with the speciality of airports ground defence. Although life in the camp, in reality, had mostly to do with sentry shifts, or auxiliary tasks as, cleaning, painting, carrying, cooking etc., still a big part of my training routine was related to the handling and the maintenance of the "RH 20mm" anti-aircraft twin gun, manufactured by "Rheinmetall" arms industry. In short, we called it just "Rheinmetall".

Although I fear any kind of weapons, "Rheinmetall" was an experience a little different. Without getting into much details, the movement of "RH 20mm" guns was done electronically, via the operation of a joystick, very similar to the 80's video game controllers, which luckily I happened to be very familiar with, due to my long time video-games experience! So, I became instantly familiarized with the "Rheinmetall", at my instructors big surprise, who all thought of me as rather useless with guns. So with this joystick thing trick I overcame my fear, and I saw my training more as a game. Well to be franc, most of the time, the "Rheinmetall" training was still a burden, but finding a relevance to something likable to me, as video-games, was a kind of comfort, while waiting for my service to end, and go back to normal life. Now that this experience is over, at the end of the day, I can say that I feel nostalgic about it (perhaps from a secure position now).

Well, for those who might read it, I hope it is of some interest.