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This isn't my idea of fun


Dying again and again and again in the same impossible battles isn't particularly enjoying. And if I somehow manage to make it through, I feel more angry with myself that I'm wasting my time with this game, rather than satisfied with my accomplishment. Maybe I suck at video games, I don't know. I'm talking about Remember Me, Capcom's homage to Ninja Gaiden Sigma: BDSM Edition. Towards the end it becomes ridiculously hard. And I feel that's exactly what this game is: ridiculous.

At first when I started playing it I felt nausea from its atrocious camera and clumsy movement of the character. That was a sign that I should had taken into consideration. The game warned me with honesty, but I foolishly kept playing it. I think I deserve what I'm going through now.

On the bright side it has great music, but that's just not enough. If I want to listen to good music, I can always put the cd and listen to Mozart, or Beethoven.