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So many Batman games out there!

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So I finally got to play Tomb Raider. No I don't mean Tomb Raider, but Tomb Raider. Both games have the same name, the same spelling, but they are pronounced differently. The "r" in the second Tomb Raider is pronounced like the Spanish "rrrrrr", it's actually Tomb Raiderrrr. Sorry, I'm not responsible for the confusion someone else had this idea. And that exactly was one of the reasons that until now I refused to play Tomb Raider, because the decision of some genius people to name it exactly like the 1996 game shows stupidity and arrogance. And many other things.

I played it for an hour and my impressions are generally positive. If you forget the fact that Lara cries like a little baby all the time, and that it feels exactly like controlling Nathan Drake from Uncharted, it is a fun action game, no doubt. And one other thing made an impression on me: There is this feature called "survival instinct vision", that is activated with the L2 button and it helps Lara, to see all the objects of interest highlighted in order to solve some puzzle.


It reminded me strongly of the "detective mode" in Batman: Arkham Asylum, where Batman could see in orange colour all the objects that he could interact with and accomplish a mission.


I looked it up on the internet and I found out that there was a similar mode in Assassin's Creed, that was called "Eagle vision". So Lara, although she doesn't have any supernatural powers like Batman, still she can use her bat-vision. Amazing isn't it? So I paused the game for a second to check again the front cover, just to make sure that I was playing Tomb Raider. After a closer look I saw what was obvious from the beginning, but in my rush to get the game I hadn't noticed it.


So that explains everything. Cool.

And at that moment exactly, I remembered that a few months ago I had played another big game, that was also marketed as a kind of restart of the series on a new basis, as a big improvement of the game-play etc, I'm referring to Hitman Absolution. That game supported bat-vision as well, it was called "instinct mode". Agent 47 could see points of interest highlighted, he could see the enemies' patrol routes and he could also see through walls.



So Agent 47 he too isn't inferior to Batman in anything. No that's an exaggeration. Agent 47 can't fly. The thing is that this thought also made me to doubt if I had trully played Hitman, or I had mixed it up with some other game. It happens to me often. I went to my games library I took out the game's case, and..I saw this.

Of course.

Both Batwoman and Batman were published by the same company Square Enix, I don't know if this is a coincidence. And both Ex-Eidos franchises were pretty much dead before SE decided to give them a lifting, especially Tomb Raider. Assuming that the American studio Crystal Dynamics who developed Batwoman and the Danish I-O Interactive that developed Batman have only one thing in common, their publisher, I have my reasons to suspect that the decision about the bat-vision feature was taken in some office in Tokyo perhaps, who knows.. Some convenient way to make two hardcore franchises accesible to wider and younger audiences maybe? No, I don't believe it. They would never do that.