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Resident Evil 6

These days I'm playing Resident Evil 6. I think this game combines several different styles: third person shooter, stealth action, puzzle solving and horror elements. It seems more as a compilation of several Gothic adventure games, rather than one unified game. RE 6 is also a difficult game and at the same time very easy. Difficult because there are plenty of occasions that you get an instant game over screen by failing to execute correctly one of the hundreds punishing QTEs and easy because there is always convenient checkpoint before each dangerous situation. Difficult because there are some seemingly impossible stealth action sequences in which if you are discovered by one enemy you face a horde of heavily armed zombie-soldiers and you eventually die, but it's very easy if you decide not to play by the rules and just storm in the room and reach the exit. The same with the bosses, you shoot them with all you have and very quickly you are left with only your knife trying desperately to take it down, or you can simply run in circles fire some shots and basically wait for your AI companions to do the "dirty job."

The game's biggest problem for me is the camera; it moves too rapidly and often the point of view is too close to the back of the character and you don't have the best possible view of your surroundings. Also the animations of the character while walking, or running are poorly simulated. When they walk they resemble to fashion models walking on the catwalk, and while running they move their hands all the way up, as if they are athletes running in track n' field events. No ordinary person walks, or runs this way. It's a little disappointing for a 2012 game not have the correct character animations.

Where this game performs well is the creation of horror/panic atmosphere. You are always on alert, and each time you face a new monstrosity in your way the tension raises dramatically. RE 6 manages indeed to be a scary game and that surely came as a surprise to me. This is perhaps the only feature of this game that justifies its title as Resident Evil.

When it boils down to the question if the game is worth playing, I see yes. Maybe there are better action games than RE 6, and all previous RE games are superior than this one, but still I think it's not a bad game.

Do you remember Sherry from Resident Evil 2? Sherry, the little brat that Claire had to babysit through the sewers level? How you've grown up Sherry...


I played the demo to RE6 and didn't really like it as it seemed like it was created for someone with a 2 second attention span. However, I am conscious that demos are often very misleading in giving a true flavour for a game.


@-INKling- I have played too that demo from Leon's campaign. Actually it's not much representative of the rest of the game. The actual game is a lot worse. lol RE 6 is good only if you have decided that you are going to play it no matter what. For the most part it breaks your nerves, but has some very rewarding moments too. Kevin is a friend but his 4.0 review is wrong. RE 6 is not a bad game, it's an okay game.