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Lollipop GameSpot

In America they say: "if it ain't broken, don't fix it". In the case of GameSpot, well truth to be told, it was pretty much broken so it needed to be fixed. But what we have here is something totally different. It seems that none bothered to fix this monster, this hydra of bugs, so they decided it was better to create a new site from the beginning. I'm not sure if it was the best decision, but I don't have the knowledges to judge such a decision. I'm not a computer programer, or website designer, I trust that the people who are responsible for this change know better.

With a first look the new site looks like a cross between Fuse, Giantbomb and the old GameSpot. Fuse was something that never worked for me. An overwhelming and chaotic feed list, that's what it was for me to put it simply. Giantbomb was a fresh new approach, but it lacked the connection beteen its members, it was a vibrant site, but deep inside cold. And Gamespot, you all know what it was, our decadent, messy old meeting point. I was here for the friends only, and for for some good editors and reviewers that always respected their audience and themselves.

So what is coming out of these three elements? Surely something not appealing to me. But this is still an echo of the old GameSpot, and the same people that I like are here too, or at least I hope they still are. As I see it, I have no other choice but to adapt to the new interface, or at least try it.

On other news, I played Lollipop Chainsaw and I loved it! Best game ever.

Juliet with the unlockable MILF costume. :)


Wow as i said (third time posting this comment , thank god i saved it on a text file, see i don't trust Gamespot\s unskilled programmers, never did )

P.s: the new site is still as buggy as the old one, they killed. btw no privacy settings in our profile, so trolls are all welcome now to troll our blogs from all around the site/Facebook and Google+ any none-member can now sign in  using one of these services, so that;s why i'm leaving the site, i posted a goodbye blog, but someone didn't like it and deleted it for posting some of the new sites' flaws.

anyway i'll still be seen you on PSN, but that's it for me. the new sites is lifeless peace of glitch, so poorly developed our former blog editor was even richer than this sad text-adder, the site is just  awful!


@matastig Can't blame you for feeling pissed with the new situation and all the flaws the you pointed out, this was surely a shock for all of us. If the new GameSpot is as buggy as the old one and also unsafe then the whole thing is just too much. Though I'll give it a try for a week and see how it runs.

It's extremely disappointing to see your blogs or comments being deleted. I have abandoned other sites for similar cases, you have every right to complain.

We'll be in touch on PSN- congrats for Ico by the way, and I got my third platinum, this time for Dark Souls, I'm so proud of myself! :)