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Disgustingly cute

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I made the huge mistake to play Little Big Planet 2. There is nothing wrong with the game itself, it is an interesting platformer with some amazing world editing tools. But the whole thing is wrong in my opinion. It is so ridiculously cute that it makes me sick. I don't believe in all that cuteness, sweetness, happiness and the beauty of the inner child that we all have. Well, this thing is extreme, if you know what I mean.


What bothers me the most is not that is a game for children; we all have been children ourselves, and we have played with toys and watched children's programs. It bothers me that it is fake, artificial. It uses the power of computers to create a cute overload. And it encourages players to create their own cute creations and share them with the other LBP players. Spread the cuteness in the world and we will all be so happy! What is this, a new trend?

I remember Disney's Mickey and Donald, the Smurfs, Nils Holgersson, or Heidi, these were beautiful images, linked to very happy memories, the fairy tales for the children of the 80s. I never though of Donald as cute. Donald was likable and funny. Charlie Chaplin was cute? Laurel and Hardy were cute? Benny Hill? Roberto Benigni? I believe cuteness is a synonym for fake, fake sweetness. I acknowledge all that effort and creativity that people from Media Molecule have dedicated into the making of these two great games, LBP and LBP 2, but I'm always very suspicious with someone that sells cuteness. It makes him no different really from the common TV commercials that sell happiness, and the beauty of life, two in one. Wash and Go.


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