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Android games recommendations

With two-three pounds at most, or Euros, dollars, or what ever your currency is, I think anyone could find at least ten good games on the Android market and want to keep those games for a long time, maybe for years. From my two years experience so far with smart-phones, and being as I think an average user, of an average 3.5'' phone, here is my list of 11 games that I can easily recommend to you.

1. Plague Inc.


Thanks to my friend INKling for informing me about this amazing game. You can read more about it in his blog post. In this game your are a disease and your goal is to wipe out humanity. Very addictive and clever strategy game. And it's very simple to get into it. The downside is that you need a relatively big screen to enjoy it. I played it on my 3.5'' screen of my phone and after two hours of playing my eyes really started to hurt. I had to take pain-killers the next morning. If it is available for tablets, prefer the biggest possible screen for this game.  

2. Sparkle Drop


Drop coins, collect gems and become the Jewelry Princess!
"Sparkle Drop!" is a free and simple coin game that its target group are girls of pre-school age. Never mind that, it's a cool game. I have it for one year and a half and still playing it from times to times. I once recommended it that to a friend of mine, he said yeah, yeah alright, and he didn't even bother to download it. :) Maybe I'm the only one that has developed an addiction to this game, maybe I can't resist to the idea of collecting virtual jewels and coins. Anyway take a look at this game, maybe it will interest you. There are many coin games, look for Sparkle Drop specifically made by developer "Kuma The Bear".

3. Dropwords


You match tiles with letters in a row and create words. Like scrabble in a way, but much simpler. (For the record I never understood how scrabble is played) Especially helpful for non native English speakers like me. The feeling of achievement is great when you create words with more than four letters. If you like word games you probably already have it. Another game that stays for ever in my phone.

4. Flight Control


Or alternatively Air Control, are two fun games where you take the role of an air traffic controller, drawing lines with your finger setting the course of the planes to land safely. Again, like with Plague. Inc, the big screen is your best bet. Flight control has been ported to the PS3 and it plays great.


5. Fruit Ninja


And alternatively Fruit Slice which is free, are two classic smart-phone games, that somehow I always find five to ten minutes to play, when I want to do something silly and instantly satisfying, and take my mind away from not so pleasant thoughts. From what I know Fruit Ninja has been ported to the Xbox 360, but it doesn't support controller, it can only be played with Kinect.

6. Bottle Shoot


Compared to the other games of the list, Bottle Shoot seems like crap, but personally I discovered the secret appeal that has to me the spectacle and particularly the sound of a glass bottle being shattered. I never had the need to do it in reality; on the contrary any glass object that breaks is a cause of upset to me. In this game somehow I like doing it all the time. Strange.

7. Jewels Star


In my opinion it's by far the best alternative to Bejeweled 2. In fact it's way better, because it's free and it doesn't crash at the end of the game like Bejeweled 2.

8. Solitaire


There are literally hundreds of Solitaire games on Android Market, but what I prefer is the Ken Magic version. Good looking, light and fluid.

9. Where is My Water?


It's a clever and cute puzzle game, where your goal is to dig the ground with your finger in order to canalize the flow of the water, reach the shower pipe and allow to the cartoonistic crocodile to take his shower. Messing with water is also another guilty pleasure that pretty much all of us have I think.

10. Angry Birds


A very known game and a very good one. Of all Angry Birds sequels and variations I think I prefer the original game. No strange physics, no demanding processor needed, no big screen, just the good old Angry Birds that you can play anytime and everywhere.

11. Dead Trigger


I'm not a big fan of action games on hand-held devices, but that one is too good to just ignore it. Also it's free. If someone asked me how I would imagine a good zombie game on a mobile phone, I would say something exactly like Dead Trigger.