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A small tribute to the generation that is leaving

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In a month from now PS3 and Xbox 360 will begin to step aside for the coming of the new generation of gaming systems, PS4 and Xbox One respectively. I think this period of seven years between 2006 and 2013 will be remembered outside anything else as the generation where games came even closer to the art of cinematography. This is the course of things, and I don't see any signs that this might change in the near future. From this generation of games I chose thirteen of them that I played and enjoyed and made a short video showing some characteristic cut-scenes from each one of them. I had plans to include around thirty games in this montage, but I soon found out that if I wanted to do it right this is an extremely time consuming job. So here is my first try.



It has been a great generation and there have been some true classics. I feel like I haven't even got half way yet!