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    Come back home

    After one year of absence, I welcome myself back. Forgive me the irony, but I know there aren't any friends here left, but still if by any chance someone reads this: hey good to see you!I know very we...

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    @Shmiity said:@EPICCOMMANDER: Are you saying the casual music fan even knows what lossless mp3 is? No way, man. It's just mp3. People on this forum might be audiophiles or techies, but your mom/my mo...

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    @Chozofication said: @superbuuman said: no need already Ultra Sexy :PGotta be to fit in those power ranger tight's right? :pdamn right! lol

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    it's been a while...I don't even know anymore how this page works.
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    This is a FACT and every PC gamer knows it. Also, this article contains some interesting insight about what goes on inside a developer studio. http://www.pcgamer.com/2014/05/10/john-gibson-interview/
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    Dead Space 3 is difficult and annoying. I can't wait to go back to it.
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    I think the entire game is over rated, retarded enemy AI, Joel and Ellie are extremely unlikable, especially Joel. Story is just another zombie apocalypse rehash except for it being a fungal bacteri...

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    Thank you for positively rating my RM review, much appreciated!
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    November 31st, guaranteed.

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    Who says it's the best rpg ever? ME2 is a sci-fi shooter with rpg elements. More of an evolution of Alien Trilogy.

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    A small tribute to the generation that is leaving

    In a month from now PS3 and Xbox 360 will begin to step aside for the coming of the new generation of gaming systems, PS4 and Xbox One respectively. I think this period of seven years between 2006 and...