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Dont Have A Title For This One, So Here's To You.

Im actually at my work right now. It is 8:00 at night, and im just now getting my lunch break.

I'm really and truely just writing to write right now. That was a lot of writes, rights, and no wrongs:) Brain Blasting much? hahaha.

I particularly enjoy speaking in a british accent. Im good at it, and it is more interesting when someone hears you speak like that. So while I was verbally abusing some customer with my accent, we struck up a conversation about XBox. Oh that killed me. He was going on and on and on about how Xbox is sooooo much better than the PS3. A) I couldn't give two poopies about what you think. B) Who are you? C) Why arent you working out??? I mean seriously, I work at a gym for God's sake. Dont come to my gym if you arent going to work out. Plain and simple.

And that's all I have for now.... hahahaha just had to do something for my lunch break. :D

Day One: Im Back... For Good Though???

So, its 12:15 in the morning on this 20 mile wide, 60 mile long island off of japan. And im wide awak... well sort of haha. And I realized something. I have my whole life in front of me. I just graduated High School, im 18 years old, and in 3 weeks I will be moving to Anchorage Alaska. I had just ended my freshman year of High School when I discovered GS. And Every summer I took up a new union, got active, made a small difference (I think, I hope) and had a ton of fun on GS. And at the end of summer, I always gave the same speech. And it went something like this...

(Paraphrasing) "hey guys... Ummmm well school is starting back up again, and i wont be as active as I usually am. But ill be on at least once a day to keep up with the union. I promise, this is going to be the best union ever."

Well, thats defnitelynot what happened. I missed days, I didn't post much, and after the first two weeks of starting school, I never got back on GS again. I would get on maybe a month or two later, only to see my inbox with 25 messages from the active members saying things along the line of...

(Again parphrasing) "HEY MAN. Where did you go?? We dont see you in here anymore, and things got hard to handle by myself. If your not going to come back, at least tell us and appoint a new leader. SH*T dude..."

And then I would feel bad, make more promises to be active, and again, not live up to them.

With that being said. i am no longer making promises to be active on GS anymore. I Will however say this. I hope to whatever awesome entity created the matter we live and breath, that I will be more active on this site. It has really given me some good memories. And I am always glad to be back on when I do.

So I guess I will be seeing you all on the other side. I highly doubt anyone will see this though. I havent been on since my birthday, which was May 18th of this year.... Happy posting GS'ers! :D