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Opeth @ Sound Academy (formerly The Docks)

Amidst The Prognation tour that is going on with 3, BTBAM, Opeth, and Dream Theater, Opeth will be headlining their own show here in Toronto on May 24th at the Sound Academy. Never seen these guys Live before, so this should be an amazing experience. I've only seen bootleg live videos on Youtube, and they should even better live than their studio albums. The 2 bands that will be opening for Opeth are 3 and Deathmarch.

3 seems to be getting a lot of praise throughout the forums I mainly check out. I've heard 1 song from them and it didn't really peak my interest so I just diverted my attention to something else. After hearing how good they are from the prognation tour, I'm intrigued how they will perform when opening for Opeth. As for Deathmarch, I have never heard of these guys before, I guess I'll see what they're made of come this Saturday.

Opeth's latest album "Watershed" which is scheduled to come out June 3rd has already been leaked last month. I obviously couldn't resist and I checked it out. I think its a brilliant album, but not their best. Their new drummer and guitarist have slightly influenced the band, and you can tell if you're an Opeth fan. That doesn't mean its a bad thing though, its different yet it still has that unique Opeth feel to it. Hopefully they will perform some of their new songs during their headlining shows.

For anyone that is actually reading this (which I doubt), if you like metal and don't mind the cookie monster vocals now and then, check out Opeth!

Music taste 10 years ago compared to now

10 years ago I actually listened to a lot of rap music, such as Eminem, Dr. Dre, DMX, Nas, etc. I then met my friends, whom I'm still friends with til this day, who were metalheads (this was all in elementary school btw, grades 7 - 8 ). I listened to bands such as Limp Bizkit and Slipknot because they incorporated some rap into their songs. These bands, along with Korn, were pretty much my gateway bands to further discover the metal genre.

Over my highschool years I still listened to these bands, along with Linkin Park. It wasn't until I think 2003-04 where I found out about Liquid Tension Experiment before Dream Theater. My friend bought Liquid Tension Experiment 2 and played it in my car. The first song which was Acid Rain just made me have an eargasm. My friends brought over the Live Scenes from NY over to my house and thats when I noticed that some of the members of Dream Theater were part of LTE (duh). The first album of Dream Theater I heard was Octavarium, and I loved it, so I checked out the rest of their catalog. Needless to say, Dream Theater is one of my favourite bands.

It didn't stop there though of course. This new found love of Progressive metal music made me dig deeper. I then found out about Symphony X, which made me change multiple pairs of pants. It was a whole chain reaction of discoveries. I found out about bands such as Opeth, Circus Maximus, Porcupine Tree, Kamelot, etc.

My musical taste has changed alot over 10 years, but I do still listen to underground hip-hop (which is better than the mainstream (c)rap thats playing today)