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Eye of the Tiger is easy, now get her to FC Painkiller on vocals on expert then we can talk.

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What a troll... (person who posted ps3 grill)
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In a week I'm going to either get the PS3 80gb MGS4 Bundle or the Xbox 360 Elite. I need help deciding. This is what I think.

80 gb Metal Gear Solid 4 PS3:


-Definitely the most reliable system.

-Online is free and decent.

-Playstation always seems to eventually win the console war, even in the hardest of times.

-I feel like being able to play my PS2 games on it.

-The controller looks interesting.

-Despite an extra controller, it pretty much comes with everything I need to start playing.

-Web Broswer looks neat, especially since I can use a keyboard and mouse with it and save image content on it.

-Better graphics.

-I REALLY want Little Big Planet and MGS4.


-While online is definitely improving, it still isn't as good as Xbox Live, at least until Home comes out.

-Less broad game selection.

Xbox 360 Elite:


-Outstanding Online service

-Great game selection

-Comfortable controller.

-120 gb storage.

-Better store.


-Needs many expensive add-ons.

-Far less reliable system.

So please just tell me what I think I should get.

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Gears of War 2.

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Metal Gear Solid 4

And I'm afraid to admit it...but...ummmm...LittleBigPlanet

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I feel like few people are going to get it. Anybody else except me who wants this game?

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Interesting. Does this mean she dosen't have any breasts at all now, or they put back on her real breasts because they were perserved after all this time?
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None of them are useless, but if I must, Photo Channel.
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Because America and many other countries as well, just simply go eat some fast food if they want to eat. And most people don't even walk inside anymore, just go to the drive-thru and eat it on the way home. Elevators and escalators have replaced stairs in modern buildings. Fruits,vegetable, and whole grain consumption is rapidly decreasing. Junk food,fast food,dairy,egg, and meat consumption is rapidly decreasing. Instead of drinking water, people go far the soda,dairy,and fruit juice concentrate when there thirsty. Every continent, except Africa, are eating more and more fast food. Ban cars or fast-food worldwideand obesity will end, but until that, the human weight is increasing most everywhere. Someone stop this.