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Why not a hosepipe?

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Why not indeed.

I have not posted any thing here in over a year and why not? Well simply because I have absolutly no ability to stick at anything and partly as I happen to be a little bored right now.

What a year it has been, I am another year older, another year wiser and another year better looking. I have finished a first year of university and started a second first year of university. I have aquired a PS3 and got bored of my Wii. I have learnt the secret of the universe and promptly forgotten it.

I guess the summary is that I am well and I hope who ever reads this is well too.

How to end, how else but on a song! Unfortunatly they are hard to type so here is a piture of a lampost.

Catch you later,


I'm Back (again!)

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"Welcome back my friends to the show that never ends,
We're so glad you could attend, come inside, come inside,
Come inside, the show's about to start,
Guaranteed to blow your head apart!"

That Is correct ladies and gentlemen, I have decided once again to grace you with my presence but why do I do this now when you are only now just getting over the fact that I had left?
There are many reasons, the main one being that I now have a lot of free time on my hands due to me finishing my exams and so I have little to do until I go to Uni in the Autumn.

I hope you are feeling well, for I am feeling rather good and I would be sad If some of you had nothing in your life to smile about! One of the reasons I am feeling so happy is because on tuesday I went up to London in order to watch 'We Will Rock You' , the Queen Musical, for he second time and it was just as fantastic. For those you of you who didn't know, I am a massive Queen fan (my Queen playlist on my PC runs for over 15 hours!) And I must admit that one of the main reasons for my infatuation is the great man himself.


And now must be getting on as I have many blogs to catch up on, I am also planning on updating my games list, I currently have 132 in my list so I will see how many games I have bought in the last year.

Love to you all.


"Can you hear the drums? They're getting louder...."


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I have decided that I can not put up with glitch spot any longer so I will not be posting here much at all, I have recently set up an account on facebook so if anyone wants to keep in touch (or is just curious about what I look like), they can do so there, just add me as a friend or send me a message.

To find me, just search

Jack Marsden Donoghue

If you are in any doubt if it is me, I am on The Blue School network.

Speak to you soon,



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First Blog in ages!!! Just to say to any one who cares on this thing (probably nobody seeing as no one has contacted me on my lack contributions)  that I am still alive and kicking just my workload over the last few months has been unreal and it doesn't look like it will be easing up any time soon so, Last blog in ages!!!!!!


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   It has been a while since my last blog as I have hardly been online recently due to a rather hectic life.   I have decided to start having subheadings in my blog so you can skip past the bits you don't want to read (I know how tedious it can be to read through streams of text to find anything you may have an opinion on.)


   Since we last spoke I have been up to Manchester for an interview for Uni and it was odd to say the least, as I am applying for physics, everyone I spoke to was a real geek, I know this may be a little hypocritical coming from some one who has 20 games consoles and a load of Star Trek on DVD but at least I have decent people skills, the majority of the other applicants there couldn't hold a decent conversation and the rest were the arrogant, over competitive types that tried at every opportunity to put others down.    The other applicants weren't the worse part, the professors were even geekier, of the three I spoke to one was extremely eccentric and lept out of his seat every four minutes to make overly exuberant gestures using his entire body, another had appalling dental hygiene and you could easily smell his breath from a meter and a half away but the worst was the professor who interviewed me, she was so bad around people that I think that she was more nervous about the interview than I was and she could not maintain eye contact!     All in all Manchester seemed like a great place and all of the students there said they really enjoyed it so I would really like go there next year unfortunately, although they did offer me a place, I need to get AAA at A level which means an A in chemistry which doesn't seem all that likely at this particular moment.


   As you may recall from a few blogs ago, I was carrying out my chemistry investigation but I ran out of time due to time away in Manchester and a few extra exams I had to sit for my Oxford application, I also decided to change what I was investigating half way through as I wasn't getting any good results.    As a result of this, my investigation has run into my free time, all of my free time, chemistry now takes up all of my free periods, I didn't have one lunch break last week and I can often be found working away after many of the teachers have gone home but I hope to be finished in the next week .


   In gaming news it may not be long until I receive my Wii (depending where I am on the list at and I am looking forward to it more than I thought I would be but I still have no idea how I going to connect it to the Internet and half its value for me is in the virtual console.

Also, I have picked up Fable:TLC again, despite its short comings, it is still a very good game and one that you can just put on for a few minutes, have fun killing a few enemies and then turn it off.

Bring on guitar Hero II! I just wish I could afford to but it. 


   Unfortunately since I last logged on I have received another emblem, don't get me wrong, I do like having the pretty badges (although I have never gone out of my way to get them) but it looks much prettier when all your rows are filled.    I have bought a load of games over the last few months that aren't on my list so I will update it soon and that may get rid of the 'Good Taste' emblem.    Does anyone know what my new emblem has to do with anything? I haven't yet checked around to see if others have it but  just in case you haven't, here is its description;

"Turkey Turkey Turkey 2006 Turkey Turkey Turkey Turkey Turkey Turkey Turkey Turkey Turkey 2006 Turkey Turkey Turkey 2006 Turkey Turkey Turkey Turkey Turkey Turkey Turkey Turkey Turkey Turkey Turkey 2006 Turkey Turkey Turkey Turkey Turkey Turkey Turkey Turkey 2006 Turkey Turkey 2006 Turkey Turkey Turkey Turkey Turkey Turkey Turkey 2006 Turkey 2006 Turkey Turkey Turkey 2006 Turkey Turkey Turkey Turkey Turkey Turkey Turkey Turkey Turkey Turkey 2006 Turkey Turkey Turkey 2006 Turkey Turkey Turkey Turkey Turkey Turkey Turkey 2006 Turkey Turkey Turkey "

weird eh?

Speak to you all soon



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Two blogs in two days! I think that this is the first time I have ever done consecutive blogs, you are all very lucky people.

So why another blog so soon? Well, the answer is I am feeling very happy.    I finished school today at midday after sorting out my troublsome chemistry coursework (I have ditched my original investigation and have started another meaning I have alot more work to do but at least I am doing somthing I understand) and then four of my friends and I went to the best Italian in town, ordered pizzas, went back to mine where we got several ice cold lagers (it may be winter but that is no reason to suffer warm lager) and blazed, for several hours, Guitar Hero (I even managed to finish some songs on expert). 


I also demonstated to them the awsomeness of the early PS2 title from SEGA, REZ, an excellent sci-fi/sureal rail-sooter based around techno/drum and base music.


And finally we enjoyed some multiplayer madness on the N64 classic, Conkers Bad Fur Day.


I appologise if this blog is becoming to image heavy and if you believe it is, please do complain in the space provided below but as it is, there are more images to come as we move on to the title of this blog!

The Wells Carnival (Wells is the name of the city where I live) comes with a funfair once a year; I am not sure if carnivals are like ours all over the world, but here the carnival entirely consists of enormous 'floats' that try to pack as many lights, spinny things and dancers on to it as possible, while playing as louder music as they can in a futile atempt to drown out the other floats.    This event is entirely designed to create as much sound and light pollution as possible as well as the enormous amount of fumes generated by the tractors hauling these heavy 'floats'.    Below is one example of the 50 odd floats that will be appearing.


And it is a local traddition tor all the local children/young-adults aged 12 to 19 to go out and get thoughly hammered and when they have lost all self-control to turn to disrupting the peace and petty vandelism.   

My review of this annual occurence may sound very scathing and negative but the truth is, I love Carnival, it has a certain magic that can only be compared with Christmas and I can't explain it.   It is one of the things that I will miss when I leave for University next year and it will always have a place in my heart.

I will leave you with somthing that I read in EDGE magazine earier this month, talking about the difficulties of  the agonising choice of which console to get this christmas;

"What if you could find, tucked in the back of the shop, a console as slender as it is silent - reasonably prised and handsome to look at.   What if it played games that you couldn't get anywhere else and offered sound multi-media support, motion sensitive peripherals and an inclusive software line-up which makes Nintendo's Touch Generation games look old hat?     Why in other words, would you ask Santa for anything other than a PS2?    The simple reason is that you've already got one."

Speak to you all soon,


One Week on.....

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Well it has been one week since the blog that was one month on from the one before that so my blogs are becoming more frequent!   I still have not read the books I require for my university interviews and now they are only one week away (panic is beginning to set in).

One thing that I forgot to mention in my previous blog is that early last month I was able to pick up, in good condition, a copy of Guitar Hero and as with all those who have played it, I have become totally addicted. I am not that good with it but I am improving, for those in the know, I am now working through it on 'hard'.   For all those who haven't picked this game up yet, I seriously recommend you go out and purchase it, you won't be disappointed.   I cannot wait for it's sequel to be released so I will have more tunes and a second controller as apparantly this game is amazing on multiplayer. 

In the time I was not around my union, once again, fell into disuse and I am trying desperately to get it to pick up again, do any of you guys know any sure fire ways?    If you are reading this and you have not visited my union pleas stop by and make a post, Whatever The Hell We Want It To Be!.    And if you are skilled with photo shop or you just like designing things, please could you make it a banner.

Like every other blog on this site I could take this opportunity to say my opinions on the upcoming consoles but I've posted so many things on it all recently that I've almost lost interest, maybe I'll feel better when they arrive.

Speak to you shortly,


Tip for the day - Do not use real trout as oven gloves

(a picture of a Karaca (a random assortment of letters I typed into Google to see what it would produce (ooh brackets within brackets.......within brackets!!)!!) hiding.....badly))

First blog post in a month!

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That's right friends, I am back.    I am sorry that I have been away for over a month but I have been doing work for the government and I'm afraid that they made me sign the official secrets act, all I can say is that I advise you all to avoid going near any American embassies over the next few months.

I'm afraid that I do not have time to read all of the blogs that I've missed, so as before just leave me a message below if there is anything you want me to check out and I will get onto it as soon as possible (I plan to be around here more often in the future).

And now it is time to talk about me! In the time that we last spoke I have finished my application to Uni and my top three are; Trinity (Oxford), Imperial (London) and Manchester (Manchester surprisingly enough) and I have interviews at these universities and others coming up shortly, the only problem is that in my personal statement I said I had read some books that I have not yet read and my first interview is in only two weeks!

In gaming news, I have bought yet another console, bringig my grand total up to about 20, this time the 'Sega Master System II'.   Not neally as cool as the original but it still looks quite sweet.


It doesn't have a box but it is in good condition and it came with some great games including 'Alex the Kid' (which all you vetrans will know is built into the machine and plays if no cart is incerted- kind of reminds me of the pack-in of Wii sports)and the legendry 'Road Rash'.

I'll speak to you again soon when I remember the things about last month that I ment to put into this blog before I forgot!   I will leave you all with a picture my sister (the main reason I haven't bean online much recently-bl**dy MSN!) took of my cat (I played around with it on photoshop a bit).


So It's goodbye from me and Tippex (the cat)


Applying to Uni.

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I have given myself a break away from my busy schedule to come on the computer for a bit and as you can see around this writing I went back onto photo shop played around for a hour or so and I think you will agree that my skills have certainly improved (many of you PS pros may scoff at the simplicity of the design but it was only my second time on the program).   I am particularly proud of the banner because of the hidden space invader which you may miss if you only glance at it, the icon is Ok but it could do with some improvement and I am not to sure if the blog header is too much, what do you guys think?

And now on to the title of this blog, applying to university.    As many of you probably have picked up from my blogs in the past, I will be studying Physics at university this time next year and if all goes well I hope to be studying at Oxford University so, of course, I have to make my application.    The only problem is that, in true me style,  I have left it to the last minute so in two weeks I have to fill in a large amount of detail about my life (past exam results and such), write a personal statement (so much harder than it sounds) and choose the top 5 universities I would like to go to (and of course as I  have left it to the last minute I will not be able to visit them).    You see my dilemma.

I am getting fairly stressed as not only have I got to get this application sorted out, do huge amounts of maths homework, prepare for a Physics test tommorow and plan an experiment to deduse the Nernst equation from by monday but I have not been able to played videogames in ages, the last thing I did was get 100% on Lego Star Wars II (fun but not that challenging) and that was last friday! (a very long time for me).

And as I find blogs without pictures boring, here is a picture of a moose.

Speak to you all again soon



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I just want to apologise for being slightly hypocritical recently, I always state how I am disappointed at how few people post in my blog and how I always post in all of the blogs on my friends list and recently I haven't, I don't have time to explain why now but hopefully I will soon.    If you do have a blog you would like me to read please just post below and I will get on to it as soon as possible.    Just to show how sorry I am here is the equation that I currently designing an investigation to deduse it from.

and as I would expect most of you would find that very boring, here is a picture of a really cute kitten.

and if kittens arn't your thing then you probably like explosions so this last one is for you!

Speak to you all as soon as possible,