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Residentevil999 Blog

Hello all.

It's been a little while. Right now I'm in my first year of school for journalisim and English. So far so good. My 20th birthday was on Tuesday, picked up Mass Effect 3 and Final Fantasy XIII for myself. Finished Mass Effect 3 this week, and been enjoying the online. Suprisingly, I've really been liking Final Fantasy XIII.

Looking for some new people to play Mass Effect 3 or Dead Space 2 (haven't tried it online yet, but would like to.)

Anyone want to play, add my Gamertag: DookyMiles

Hello everyone! - Looking for new Xbox LIVE friends

Hello everyone! It's been forever since I've logged on here, but since I find myself going on here constantly, I shall use my old account once more.

I am, as it states, looking for new X-Box LIVE friends. My friends that go to college with me or work with me either don't use LIVE or own a PS3, and I hate playing with randoms. So I'm kinda looking for new people to play with.

I play the following games online - Halo: Reach (not as much as I use to, but will pick it up if I can find a good, talkative team)

Dead Space 2 (have yet to play this online, but would like to if I can find some people to play with)

Marvel vs Capcom 3 (use to play this hardcore, but recently stopped playing as much, looking to practice before Ultimate comes out.)

Homefront (use to play this all the time when it first came out, not as much anymore.)

Just ordered Battlefield 2 as well, and will be looking to play that online.

so if anyone would like to play, please feel free to add me

GT - DookyMiles