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I only played the full Leon scenarios, and I have to say the only thing that I didn't like so far is the camera angles. I liked it in the past when I commanded a play character the camera went where I wanted it to go automatically. Now in order to control a character, I have to use both toggles to move the camera and the character together. Compared the past Resident Evils, I did struggle with the controls.

It maybe the times I grew up, but still to this day, my favorite Resident Evil game is the first original they made a Director's Cut from. I liked the mansion, the hunters jumping out of corners, but I did hate the Giant Spiders and still do. Like I said, maybe it's the times I grew up in. Considering that, I will admit that my least favorite Resident Evils are the Survivor and Outbreak series. Survivor 1 is just borderline, Survivor 2 wasn't released here, and Dead Aim was my least favorite.

I think what made the earlier Resident Evil games scary was the old-school graphics. I thought when Remake came out, it was going to be scarier, same thing with 0, then when the graphics got more realistic looking and in high definition. No. I think the better the graphics got, the less scary Resident Evil got.

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After the completion of all the updates needed to do in my Resident Evil Outbreak page of my Resident Evil Umbrella website, I will start opening up a page that covers the information on the upcoming Resident Evil movie Afterlife. It's already linkable in my movie section. You can either click on the image, or go to this page: for further details. For the time being while I finish up the necessary changes to my Resident Evil Outbreak updates, which is what I was already doing, you will only see a page just what categories will be available when made available.

Also another up-to-date update will be all the current Resident Evil news in the News section. I will only start that page coverage as far back of New Year's 2010, since everything before that time is very old news that everyone knows about. So I'm going to be putting in all the news updates in that page that dates from January 2, 2010 to the current dates. There's already 1 editorial so far and that is based on the fact that Resident Evil 5's Executioner will be in the next Resident Evil movie.

Until next time, keep in touch.

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This is not a boycott against Albert Wesker, himself, this is towards one of his voice actors--D.C Douglas from the later installments. That terrible man said something very foul against some people I am a reflection of, and I will not accept it.

In reaction to that phone message DC Douglas left behind, Geico Insurance, which he does a voice (not the gecko) for fired his nasty liberal butt. That's good, and now I'm hoping that Capcom will do the right thing and not give him a contract with him, or at least with Resident Evil. Just because he plays the voice of a villian doesn't mean he has to be a villian in real life.

In the upcomming day, I will put what DC Douglas said onto YouTube, and have it linked to my Resident Evil Umbrella website's News section.

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It's definatly one of those kind of sites that to see the whole thing could be day's worth of activity. I've come up with tones of ideas you'd never find on any of those other Resident Evil sites, and I've very proud of what I've achieved, even though it's not 100% yet. If you or anyone seen my site before Christmas and what it is now, you can definatly see that a lot of work towards it has brought this site a long, long, long ways!

I'm glad someone out there says my site it neat. I heard people say how bad and how much it sucked which in actuality hurt my feelings. Some people are just jerks no matter what.

My next and hopefully final projects will include typing in the walkthroughs, the misc information of each game, and inserting background musics on the rest of the pages (excluding video pages). I also want to try something different; in the enemy profile pages, I want to add the sound FXs of each enemy and make that part of the background. And if it's a possible Webs feature, I would like to add sound quotes and insert them in the character quotes.

However, the rate of my site's construction is gotten much slower lately. There was a point where building this site was my whole day for a month, and it got me cranky and cabin fever. So I've been doing other things through out my days, and leaving the site's building as just 1 part. Reading books that can help me find a job (not a starter job, an electronics job), and getting out of the house. But I'm still building this site. And I even checked out book that can help me build a website. Perhaps I can learn something that I haven't and could use to make imporvements to the two sites I have now. And as you can see just by looking at my Resident Evil site, that I'm good at web designing just on teaching myself.

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According to a news update about Resident Evil 5 from Gamespot, Rebecca Chambers and Barry Burton make a long-waited return to the Resident Evil series. They are going to be part of the Mercenary Reunion. You can view the view of both of them in action. And the funniest thing is that every returning Resident Evil character has put on the years that have pasted, except Barry and Rebecca. They still the same now as they did back in Resident Evil Remake.
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I don't want to sound like a whinner, but why not? Would anyone mind visiting my Resident Evil site? I've worked real hard all day long for months on it, and I want it to be worth the trouble, which is has been trouble. I mean more than 2 weeks ago I used to have about 20 people daily, and now I'm lucky to even get 3 people. It's not even 100% done yet and already it's chased people away. What gives?!

So this is what I'm also asking from you all; visit my site and see what more do you want. You know something that could attract more visitors and could have you return. I'm interested in hearing. And yes my daily 7-month long project is desperate.

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Well it's up there now. At least 5 to start with. Plus for those who have seen my Resident Evil website before Christmas and have seen it recently would see the serious upgrades made to it. I'm on the final phase of the site's construction, and I'm not going to move beyond the current Resident Evil game project without it being 100% done. And to tell the truth, I can't wait until this project is over with; I just want it over with. It's taken my entire life over, and now I just want to finish it.
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Well I did put an Arcade section to my Resident Evil site. More people said "yes" instead of "no" and I don't find it to be such a bad idea. I maybe a Resident Evil site, but Resident Evil is mostly a video game series, and I included video games to play online at Resident Evil Umbrella. I hope you enjoy the few that I have up so far, more will come later once all my pages are fully renovated up to my site's new standards with unlimited available space and pages.
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So I'll take that as a yes. That is good.

Plus, the site is going to go through a serious renovation. I need 800 web points to gain access to having unlimited web pages on my site for free. I have 778 now as I write this, and by the top of the hour I should have the 800 I need. With this unlimited pages feature (free) I will redo my entire site. Instead of each page having the entirety of each Resident Evil game/movie or whatever it's all going to be split up into other pages. For example: go to, in the Resident Evil 0 page the page contains many content boxes like Cast of Characters, Cast Of Enemies, Trivia Facts, Mistakes, Files, Images, Video links, ect. Well intead of each page being a giant collumn being a series of content boxes, it will all be split into link pages in the pages that are currently up now. This will be a major load off my shoulder when it comes to developing the Timeline page, which has been my most difficult project yet. I'll just split the timeline into date range pages. And with this new feature about to come, I can also create profile pages for each character and enemy along with all the different ways they were portrayed, and all their appearances. I can't wait to do this. I will later on do this same project with my Ninja Turtle site, but Resident Evil goes first, because it was in the works after the thought of thinking that my Ninja Turtle site was done. In the meantime, while each page is going through renovation, the site pages will still be viewable as they have always have been without change, unless I click PUBLISH, then the renovation updates will then take effect.

This site rennovation could start even tonight. All I need is 22 more credit points, and 15 of which I'll get in about a half hour anyway. So I'll actually need 7. So I have to do is scam another one of those stupid survey sites or toolbar installation sites and get my credits and uninstall that stuff and keep the points. Like take and run sort of thing. I love this idea with my site: I have 1GB on it, and about to have an infinit amout of pages, and I didn't pay 1 cent to it in the 7 months I've had it. Hee hee hee hee hee hee...

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I have where my Resident Evil site is, and they have a new application where I can install a video game FLASH page on my site. Now I have room for another page, and I'm thinking about adding "The Umbrella Corporation's Arcade Room" where visitors/members can play all sorts of online video games of many different catagories. However none of the games would have anything to do with Resident Evil itself, but it would give some hands-on activities and fun to my site, so that it's not another one of those same old same old sites where it's just endless amout of text, images and video links. Now I don't care one way or another, but since you guys are the real visitors on my site, it's now up to you. Do you want me to install a video game section on my Resident Evil site?