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My Site Is Looking For Site Memebers

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My website, Resident Evil Umbrella, has reached its record popularity today for a single day of visitors. With only 4 hour remaining of today's site stats, I have 94+ visitors, which smashed my site's old record of daily visitors of 81 which was 6 days ago. Now I have an idea; I have a forum section in my site that has never had any responses during this time I'm building my site, and now I want to search around for site members. I have 3 members (one of which is me by default) right now, and I would like Resident Evil Umbrella to bring in more memberships for both my forum section and the overall site. If you have any interest in becoming a FREE member of Resident Evil Umbrella, go to the site URL below and search for a way of signing up.

You can put up profile images, personal images of yourself (as long as your private areas remain private of course) and YouTube videos of Resident Evil. All exept 1 topic deals directly with Resident Evil, and that one other is a loung page, where you get to speak about anything that's on your mind. So if you're interested, go ahead and sign up for a free membership to Resident Evil Umbrella, and do keep in mind that I am busy building this site, and still looking around for a job, especially at Best Buy, so I might not be quick to respond to a topic.

Resident Evil Afterlife

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After the completion of all the updates needed to do in my Resident Evil Outbreak page of my Resident Evil Umbrella website, I will start opening up a page that covers the information on the upcoming Resident Evil movie Afterlife. It's already linkable in my movie section. You can either click on the image, or go to this page: for further details. For the time being while I finish up the necessary changes to my Resident Evil Outbreak updates, which is what I was already doing, you will only see a page just what categories will be available when made available.

Also another up-to-date update will be all the current Resident Evil news in the News section. I will only start that page coverage as far back of New Year's 2010, since everything before that time is very old news that everyone knows about. So I'm going to be putting in all the news updates in that page that dates from January 2, 2010 to the current dates. There's already 1 editorial so far and that is based on the fact that Resident Evil 5's Executioner will be in the next Resident Evil movie.

Until next time, keep in touch.

Resident Evil Umbrella Now Has A Contact Page

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Since being able to continue the updates of my Resident Evil Umbrella website, one of those updates is opening a forum page, and a ways of contacting me directly through a forum topic. I figured that some people out there would like to of seen some form of means of being able to contact me. Well now I have a ways of visitors who want to contact me on Resident Evil Umbrella now can.

For those who haven't seen my URL yet on my other updates, my website's homepage is at:

I can't wait until the site is 100% completed but I still have many, MANY more tasks to complete. Right now I'm returning character and enemy profiles to each of the games. I'm working on the enemies of Resident Evil 2 now, and will start Resident Evil 3 sometime today.

Like I said before, enjoy the site.

Resident Evil Umbrella Back In Business

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For the past month, my site Resident Evil Umbrella and the others have not been updated due to extreme weirdness of computer errors with my computer, but now that I have a "new" computer, I'm going to continue the major updates whereI left off at; starting with inserting video walkthroughs of Resident Evil Darkside Chronicles, and a FULL remake of the Resident Evil 5 homemade DVD I had on my YouTube collection, which includes "Lost In Nightmare" and "Desperate Escape" and Chris's Warrior costume, and Sheva's Fairy Tale costume. That video will be strange towards the ending hour, because during recording, my PS3 died on me (stuck on stand-by mode) after playing it a lot one day. All say it's the Yellow Light Of Death, which I can get fixed for $50 on eBay. It's unfortunate, because my Resident Evil 5 disc is stuck inside. But that's what this update is about is that the continuations of building both my Resident Evil Umbrella and Ninja Turtle 25 Years site will be back in business.

I Need Help WIth Something About Resident Evil Sound FXs

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I want to add enemy sound effects to the enemy profile pages of my Resident Evil site in the background, but the problem is that I don't know where to acquire these special sound FXs without having to re-record all the games and extracting the sound that way, the hard way. So does anyone know of where to get the sound FXs, prefer the enemy noises?

Please Visit My Site

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I don't want to sound like a whinner, but why not?Wouldanyone mind visiting my Resident Evil site? I've worked real hard all day long for months on it, and I want it to be worth the trouble, which is has been trouble. I mean more than 2 weeks ago I used to have about 20 people daily, and now I'm lucky to even get 3 people. It's not even 100% done yet and already it's chased people away. What gives?!

So this is what I'm also asking from you all; visit my site and see what more do you want. You know somethingthat could attract more visitors and could have you return. I'm interested in hearing. And yes my daily 7-month long project is desperate.

My Resident Evil Site Has A New Arcade Room

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My Resident Evil site has a new arcade room, which I call the Umbrella Arcade Room. But keep in mind, even though my site is Resident Evil oriented, none of the selected FLASH games in the Umbrella Arcade Room have any relationship to Resident Evil. I tried to search for any Resident Evil games, in case if there were any, but the Resident Evil search came up empty. But oh well, at least now my Resident Evil site has some fun hands-on activity intead of just abunchwords and pictures. But in the meantime, I'm still working hard to make some necessary changes to my site, including the pages that are off to the side.

If anyone is curious and interested in checking out the few games I have (so far, more will come after renovation), go to: for details. And the missing navigation links will be back online shortly.

My Final Update For 2009 - The REAL Final Update

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Well, this is very likely my final update for 2009, and I want to take this opportunity to wish all of you who have seen my page, my website, my Resident Evil Series union memebers all the merriest of Christmases, and a Happy Safe New Year with lots of luck for the next year.

And I have already started renovation of my Resident Evil website with Resident Evil 0. I've gotten about 90% of it done, for the exception of a few enemy profiles. It's not enough to where I want to republish it. And you'll probally notice some page materials are vanishing. Those are just the pages where I'm doing my work on. I might try to find some time tonight to finish more up, but I don't believe it's going to be enough to have it published by the time I leave for my mother's tomorrow morning.

Well that's that, and I'll be back in 2010. Again, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

My Final Resident Evil Update For 2009

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I have where my Resident Evil site is, and they have a new application where I can install a video game FLASH page on my site. Now I have room for another page, and I'm thinking about adding "The Umbrella Corporation's Arcade Room" where visitors/members can play all sorts of online video games of many different catagories. However none of the games would have anything to do with Resident Evil itself, but it would give some hands-on activities and fun to my site, so that it's not another one of those same old same old sites where it's just endless amout of text, images and video links. Now I don't care one way or another, but since you guys are the real visitors on my site, it's now up to you. Do you want me to install a video game section on my Resident Evil site?

If some of you have been wondering why the final Resident Evil page (Timeline) hasn't been published yet. Well there's a major delay on that. First I didn't realize that the text information that I have to provide is so much, and the editing page keeps on dying on me for just about everything, even for doing nothing. So it's giving me complications. Plus, for the Christmas season, I decided to take a temporary break from Resident Evil and currently into peaceful things, such as Christmas movies. I think it's time to give the extreme violence and R-rated things a time off. I will get back to work probally after Christmas, if not, after the New Year. And if this is my final update until Christmas or for the rest of the year I want to take this time to wish you allthe Merriest Christmas and a Happy New Year!

What Is The Obsenity Of Darkside Chronicles?

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What is the big deal with Resident Evil Darkside Chronicles? I bust my hump on my Resident Evil site, and The Darkside Chronicles page is the ONLY page, litterally, that people are looking at. Why? What is the big deal with this one game? I feel like I'm busting my hump for nothing. So what is the big deal here? Now I don't have the game, yet, but I will after Christmas (considering I get a new Wii-mote to replace the one I smashed to pieces). So I don't know why the Darkside Chronicles is theONLY page on my site that seems to attract people. Tell me what is the big deal?