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Nintendo never died, never will.

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Its funny how a lot of people lost faith & interest in Nintendo after the launch of the Sony Playstation. Some said that Nintendo 64 had worse graphics or that it was done for because cartridges were obsolete or inferior, but was really not the case at the time. Capcom showed that Cinematics were still possible on it with Resident Evil 2. I'll admit though that PS had groundbreaking games like Final Fantasy, Metal Gear Solid, Silent Hill, Tomb Raider,etc.. but N64 still had games like Goldeneye, Zelda:Oot, Perfect Dark, Super Smash bros, Mario 64, Turok, etc..

First of all, the N64 had better graphics than PS with its expansion pack. They looked a lot better, clearer, cleaner and less pixilated. It also had compatibility to have 4 players and the cartridges couldn't scratch up/get damaged easily. Its just too bad that no one else but Capcom attempted to have Cinematics for the system.

Then the Gamecube & Paystation 2 came out. Thats the exact same argument previously above but GCN now had 8cm discs. They both had their equal share of great remember-able games but once again Capcom mainly shows us with Resident Evil games(especially RE4) that the cube was superior in the graphical department.

That brings us to the present day. Now look at Playstation 3 vs. Wii. Sony has plunged to the bottom even though its graphic capabilities are just incredible. Nintendo had risen to the very top with their new innovative motion idea which makes very interesting games and still has good graphics even though they are not next-gen.

So please, don't be a Nintendo hater. They started it all, they know what they are doing. Never loose faith in them. If you have, shame on you.