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I got 99 problems but a tooth aint one

So yeah i got my tooth removed and i will remove one nex week too.I just came home from the dentist and it hurts like hell.It just mekes me wanna kill myself.So on to gaming so as some of you know my xbox got a red ring and my lazy self was to lazy to just buy a new one so i only played games on my compter.I got myself some classics like Jedi Academy Rise of Nations Gold edition,Planescape Torment and Chronicles of riddick Escape from Butcher Bay.I only played butcher bay through tou and i knewk the ending cause i had assault on dark Athena for the x-box.So bye guys and sorry for the short blog.

-Reptile out

Happy New Year

Hey yall i just wanted to wish you a happy new year and now that i have winter holidays i will be more active on gs ok thx bye

My Best Games Of All Time Part 1

So hello fellow gamespotter its-a me Reptil and today im happy to bring you my first in a series of blogs called The best series where i will write about the best Games,Music videos,Songs,Movies,Animes,Cartoons and so on and so on.So ill post a blog from the series every two weeks but i may also post one one week after the last blog.It depends on how many videos,games or animes i choose,It may range from 10-50 things in one blog like today.So today i write about my favourite games.Remember peeps its my opinion so of you dont like iti dont care.Im sorry if one of your favourte games isnt here but it wont because i probably never played it.So on to the games.They wont be in a particular order.

30.Mass effect 1 and 2Mass effect 1 and 2

Mass effect is one of the best games to come out in the last 10 years.Itsshooter and rpg combined.You can play different clas ses with different abilities,you can play as amale or female,and you have a lot of dialogue choices.You choose which way you play.Be it the Baddas soldier where the mission comes first.Or the Good Biotic where the people come first and the mission can wait.It is a truly a piece of gaming art,brought to us by the great mind of the poeple in BioWare.

29.The Elder Scrolls IV Oblivion The Elder Scrolls IV Oblivion

So Im a big fan of the elder scrolls series and that means i have to include Oblivion.Oblivion was one of hte first games i played on my now dead Xbox and it was beautiflu.The graphics were and still are great.The gameplay is superb and the replay valuse is enourmous there are almost endless possibilities.Like you could play a mage.or a swordsman.maybe a twohanded axe wielding mage who loves to sneak up on people and shoot them with a arrow up close.You have a lot of characters,a lot of dialogue and a great story.The Oblivion world is simply stunning.I mean i love to ride my horse thru the woods of cyrodil or hunt bandits bit my bow.The story is epic in every way.And the characters are great.There are also a ton of side quests and factions you could join.You could be the silent assasin from the Dark Brotehrhood or The Famous Arena Champion.The game is simply my favourote game of all time.This amazing piece of awsomesauce was brought to us by the people from Bethesda.Thank you Bethesda.

28.Fallout series.Fallout 1,2,3

The Fallout series.Im sure a lot of you only played fallout 3.But the series started with the amazing fallout 1.The story of the valut dweller who killed the Super Mutant master and helped a lot of people along the way.Fallout 1 and 2 were point and click rpg.And they were turn based unlike Fallout 3.Fallout 1 and 2 are simply amazing and have a great story.A big world and great characters.They also had a lot of dialogue choices.Fallout 3 too had a big world and a great story.Again like in Oblivion you could play however you liked it had grat replayability value.And not only fallout 3 but 1 and 2 also.The Fallout Games were developed by Black Isle,Interplay and Bethesda.I think.And i speak for millions of fallout fans whrn i say this.Fallout Rules.

27.Diablo series.Diablo

Diablo.Im sure all of you have at least heard of this game.Its a great rpg.One of the best.Its got great gameplay.A really big world taht you can expllore.Nice character clase s.And a lot of monsters.Decent Difficulty and great plot.Sorry that i cant write more about diablo but i havent played it in years.

26.Black and White Black and white 1 and 2

One of the best games ive played.A really good strategy game where you play god.You can be good and evil.And thats what Black and White is all about.You lead your people to glory.The more they worship you the stronger you are.You also have giant monsters fighting for you.I mean whats better than a giant Cow fighting a giant Gorilla.It is really good.A great strategy game.It has epic battles and good enough story.

25.Dungeon Keeper Evil is good Dungeon Keeper

Dungeon keeper is one of the older strategy gmaes.LLike the title says you are the keeper of your dungeon.You dig tunnels and make rooms where you build homes for your minions.Its and addictive little game.The story is lacking.Its only conquer this nad that.You have at least a couple diffirent monsters who will fight for you.

24.Age of Mythology Age of Mythology

Age of mythology is a strategy game where you control three factions without the expansion.The greeks the norse and the egypteans.The factions are balanced and the game is interesting.The story is good and youve got a lot of people to control.The multiplayer is good too.There is also an expansion called The Titans.With the expansion comes a new faction.The atlanteans.Also now there are the Titans.1 for each faction.The new story is good too.

23.Prince of persiaThe Prince of persia series

The prince of persia series.Everfy game in the series is great.The first one i played was The sands of time.Since then i became a big fan of the Prince of persia games.The series is about the prince of persia of course.In the sand of time he acquires control of the sand where he can go back in time.Altough only a couple seconds.The Story is really captivating and the combat system is great.The battle and climbing passages are balanced.So you dont have to do a lot of climbing or a lot of fighting.The characters are also great and the graphichs are good for that time.Thank you Ubisoft for giving us this games.

22.The sims The sims series

The sims series.The sims is an addictive game where you control you sims.People which you create and tell what to do.Its really good.You tell them to eat,sleep and go to work.You can play a child and watch it grow up to be a succsessful adult.You guide your sims trough life.Make them fall in love and have kids.Then watch them grow old and play their grandchildren like you did them and so on and so on.

21.Bioshock Bioschock 1 and 2

Bioshock.The Bioshock games are really good.Bioshock 1 starts with your character Jack going into the underwater city of Rapture.A city that was designed to be paradise but ended up as a chaotic world where almost everybody went mad.The gameplay is a clas sical shooter.You also got plasmids with whom you do different things like the fireball plasmid who ignites enemies to the telekinesis plasmid with which you attack enemies with everything around you even their dead friends.The Story of bioshock 1 and 2 is truly great.The graphics are superb and the world of rapture is beautiful in a morbid way.A truly epic game.

20.Dragon Age Origins Dragon Age Origins

Dragon age origins is a rpg made by BioWare.It has a great story.Good character clas ses and great companions.The world of dragon age is beautiful.The major cities are awesome and the fighting system is good.The replayability is there and like in Mass effect youve got a lot of dialogue.And youve got morality.You can play a good character or a bad one.

So thats Part one of my best games blogs.I will post the next part next week or the week after that because i have to learn a lot for shcool since ive got a lot of tests now.So bye and i hope you liked my blog.Dont forget to comment

-Reptile out

I'm a saaaaaaaaad panda bear

So whats up gamespotters today my X-Box died on me.Yes it was the Infamous Rrod or the red ring of death.I know this blog is short but im too tired from school to write anything.Wait till sunday or saturday for one ofe my new Best series of blogs where i will write about the best movies animes cartoons and music videos ever made.So see ya then

Reptile out

Some talk about gaming and School

So hello my minions im back after yesterdays funtastic blog haha

So now lets move on to gaming.

I've been playin Mafia 2 and Dantes Inferno for the last few days.So lets start with Mafia 2

Mafia 2

So after a long time after its prequel Mafia 2 came out and i must say i really like it id give it an 8.5.I like the game it has a classic mafia feel to it i like it.The story is great and the missions are fun.The graphics are nice too and i really like Vitos personality.Now on to the ending.I really like it.It fits the mafia world perfectly

Dantes Inferno

So ive had Daantes inferno since it came out and ive decided to play it again a second time.I really tought the game was a bit better in my memories but after and hour it really becomes repetitive and a bit boring so if you must have it you better just rent it.

So school starts for me in 2 days and i gotta say i really think about suicide nah just kidding.Since this is a new school where i go since i just got out of 8th grade i dont know anything about it.I just hard that a couple of the teachers were crazy.Well crazier than most techers.So yeah thats my stupid blog.

Fare thee well my minions till next time when we try to take over the world.IT WILL BE MINE.MUAHAHAHAHAHAHA..*cough*

Reptile out

Funny Twilight talk

this is bella nad edward from twilight talking

Bella:Hey edward you vampires dont breathe right?


Bella:And your hearts dont beat right?


Bella:And your Blood doesnt circulate in your veins right


Bella:Then you cant have a Erection.

Edward:W-what? :( T_T

Logic beats Twilight haha

Lara Soft Fridge Raider

Squirelly Fun


Bomb James Bomb

Very bad

Now 2 jokes

Shoe repair

I will HEEL you

I will save your SOLE

I will even DYE for you


Today i stepped on a cereal now im a cereal killer

Daddys Back people

So i came back from my vacation in Turkey and it was hard to get decent wireles so i couldn post a blog without my internet going off.So yeah this is a quick update on me so you guys know what ive been doin.Oh yeah and i reched level 18 without doing anything but bein online for a couple minutes every two das or so.


Bioshock 2

So yeah i completed BS 2 a week ago or so dont remember exactly.I love it since im a big fan of Bioshock 1.It took me 5 days of playin to beat it.But it was worth it.Playing as a Big Daddy is cool and i love the plasmid at the end where you can call a big sister to help you.It was hard at some places but nothins to tough for me XD (I have an enormous ego around other enourmos thing if you know what i mean *wink wink*)So yeah thats all for bioshock.

I also watched Jay and silent bob for the 7th time in my life and it still as EPIC as the first time.If you havent watched it yet or havent heard of it go to you nearest video store and get it or download it on teh internetz haha.

so yeah my vacation was great cuz some of my friends(2 to be exact)came with me.It was great.I really enjoyed the big cities and the great beaches.I especialy loved Ankara the city has a great feel to it.

So yeah tell me where you spent your sommer

Reptil out

CrackDown 2

So i got crackdown 2 yesterday and i must say it is not so great as i tought it would be.It just feels lika a Prototype clone but with another city and not so great powers.The story is almost nonexistent and the gameplay is just a tad bit better that mediocre.The great thing is the city it looks great and i like it.Also rooftop jumpiing is great when a small army of cell terorists shoot you with granade launchers.I liek boom-boom :).Other than that i got nuthin.Im Just exited for all the games that will come out this year like Fallout:New Vegas and Fable 3.

Fare thee well my minions

Reptil out

Eurovision and Red Dead Redemption

So YAAAAY Germany won the Eurovision song contest Lena and maNga Turkey were my favouriotes Super lol

Now on to RDR.One of my favourite games i always loved western games like GUN Call of Juarez and Red Dead Revolver.

Rockstar made a great job with RDR it is a great open world western.I am almost at the end and so gar the game is almost perfect.there were a few objects that got stuck and some other bugs but noting serious.I love it i give Red Dead Redemption a 9.0.My favourite weapon was the rifle the normal one not the sniper and the semi automatic shotgun and my favourite mount the donkey.It deserves the 9.0 mainly because of the Donkey ridin.I felt so gangsta ridin my little donkey Gizmo LOL

So Buh bye

Reptile out

Give me anime

Can somebody suggest me some Anime and some old rpgs and point and click games.

I cant write many blogs cuz i have many tests in school and my fathers health is ecoming worse.

So see ya(hopefully)

Here have a Muffin