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More Picies

First off sorry I haven't posted a blog for ages I just can't be blessed to do it lol ^_^
Secondly, I uploaded some more pics just now
So I'd like to hear comments on them please!!!!^_^
I drew 'em cuz I was bored one night so I grabbed the FFX guide and drew 'em from there
I've already coloured them in before in colour which is on a different webby so I decided to try a tonal drawing instead
Hope they look good!!!! :)

Hello everyone!!!

Hello dudes!!!
Sorry I haven't been doing much lately I've only been in college for a few weeks and already I'm up to my neck in coursework!!!!
I've had to make a new model, start programming games using Flash (which is hard if you've never done it before!!!) and loads of paperwork

How's everyone else?????

Last day at college for 8 weeks!!

Finally my six weeks holiday (Although it is extended to 8 weeks!!!)

So I might not be online as much as I wanna but I'll still try and get online

My computer at home is very dead and I may need a new one......

So yeah have a great time if I don't speak to u within the next few hours till about 3 o clock today

Chow and have a great time at whatever your doing!!! :D :D

Got FFVII CC at last!!!

Finally I got my mits on FFVII CC and got is fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!
I'm soo glad I brought a PSP!!!!
The ATB system are soo much better, the Materia slots are back!!! I just wish we had a few more slots to put more stuff in lol :D
But anyway

Overall its a really great gme I like doing Swats makes me giggle when he goes mental...., 64 swats I think is my record.....

Anyway its great

Id best stop before I keep on writing about it :P :D

3D Modelsss

Ok here's my last 3D model

It's a Concord but I'll admit I'm just glad its finished

Doing my head in lol

So I'll be uploading them shortly!!!! :D :D

Yo I'm back

Sorry if I haven't been on here much

I've been up to my neck in coursework

I'm soo tired.........

I finally completed this presentation for today. I'm really chuffed with it and hopefully the rest of the class will like it lol

And no one else has even attempted to do theirs yet....

So that means, I've gotta wait another week to show my presentation....

Lovely...., I'm not rather impressed cuz I thought I could put it to bed, and continue with other coursework....

*Sigh* Just one of those things lol

Only two days left till CC comes out hurrar!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

3D models as promised

Well I kinda said I'd put up some 3D models and I've got three decent pics of the same model now

Please don't forget that these are my first ever models

I'll be up loading them shortly!! ^_^

Countdown time!!

Because I'm sad and a MASSIVE fan of FF

I'm gonna start a countdown from the 10th day (Yes I'm that bored, sad whatever, and I'm that nuts about Crisis Core!)

So I'm gonna go mad over the last few days and I dought I'll be on for a while after I get it cuz it'll be stitched to my hands lol ^_^

17 days to go

Only got 17 days left to wait!!

Crisis Core out in 17 days!! Whoo hoo!!! I can get my hands on it!!
And then it's 26 days left til my Birthday! Yeay!!!
I've already got it pre ordered from my local Game as GameStation isn't pre ordering them yet

Silly billies lol ^_^

I've finally finshed!!! Yeay!!!!

I've finally finished my one assignement!!!
Now I've got another 2 to do...

Those aren't too bad as they're nice and simple

3D models and an animation

Next week is Witson week in England so I'll probably be logged off for the whole week gettin some well needed RnR lol

Till then it'll be work!! ^_^
No rest for the wicked huh??? lol ^_^