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i refuse to buy a headset in my country cause we are being rip off can't order one because i don't have a credit card (i don't want one) and i don't have a bank account...(hate banks)

so i took a headset you know the one that has a phone line at the end of it find out which wires were mic and which ones were speaker cut off the bottom part of headphones that werent working put them on to the bottom

next thing i know i'm talking to my friends online through msn messenger with the headset then the idea that fail months ago came back to mind (try making a usb port headset but it failed)...

is it possible to make a headset using just a usb port cable? and will this work on the ps 2 slim version? and what about if i had a keyboard that has a mic and speaker slot...(think i seen one of those in my life time) can that work on the ps2 slim?

can i modify a keyboard to be like that? and is there anyone who knows and can direct me with most of these questions? or redirect me to a link that can?

thank you