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Avatar was trash

I just came back from seeing it, and I must say the movie is all show and no substance. This plot is so unoriginal, I can't believe Cameron is being haled as some kind of genius. How many times have we seen an epic white guy walk into some primitive civilization, and become better than all of their legends in like a day? It's just so stupid. The main character couldn't even walk, and yet somehow he conquers every beast and can communicate with their "god" just like that.

As for the main character, I just can't believe a guy would be willing to forsake his entire race after 3 months from just hanging out with a blue slut. Cameron doesn't even bother going into depth of the internal conflict of choosing between both species. It's like the main character got so hyped up just from walking, that he washed out everything else from his mind.

Then there's how Cameron tries so hard to make the soldiers look like absolute a*****es and the smurfs like complete saints. Give me a break, no one is as cold hearted as that, and such idiots wouldn't be allowed to be apart of such an important mission. I just viewed it as hippie trash. If it wasn't for it being 3D and that awesome soldier guy, I would have been bored out of my mind from watching this drivel.

Anime I've been watching this season

Ooh it's the first time I'm writing a blog in about two years. Break out the champagne!

Anyway, instead of sports I'm going to talk about anime for once. So has anyone caught the new Full Metal Alchemist? I've sat through 3 episodes so far, and right now I have mixed feelings. Supposedly this new anime is to be based on the manga, but we're not going to see how so until around the Laboratory 5 part I guess. So far though it's been pretty much a summary of the last show, but it's going hell of a lot faster and with a lot more jokes. What gets to me though is that I can't really tell if they're just rushing it, or that the manga really was like this to begin with. It seems that this new show has a much lighter tone in comparison to the first season, and personally I really enjoyed the more emotional atmosphere the first show brought. I've only read a few chapters from the manga so I don't know if it's supposed to get more serious or not, but right now I have to say the original anime trumps what I've seen. I'm hoping it gets better, and I think it will, but right now I'm just a little disappointed. Anyway, I just felt like putting my opinion out there and wanted to see if anyone else had a differing opinion.

Another anime that I'm watching this season is Dragonball Kai. Basically it's the same as DBZ, but it's in HD, the colors have been brightened, the soundtrack has been redone as well as the dubbing, and to top it, it's cutting out all the filler. So basically it's DBZ stripped down from 291 episodes to about 100. So if you're one of those people who hated the "5 minute" battle on Namek, or just plain hated how there was so much talking in DBZ, I highly recommend this series. Even if you're a huge fan like myself, I still would recommend watching it, since the lack of filler reallymakes itquite enjoyable to watch. Yeah, it would be nice to see a completely new Dragonball show, or even DBZ redrawn completely, but from what I've seen I think it's great enough as it is. After watching Dragonball Evolution, it may do all of us some good to rewatch DBZ. :P

Other than these two, I'm watching Hajime no Ippo: New Challenger which I HIGHLY reccomend, especially if you saw the first show. Bascially it's about a boxer named Ippo and his quest in order to learn what true strength is. The fighting in this show is amazing to say the least, and the jokes do not come any funnier. You may get turned off because it's based on a sport, but believe me this is easily one of the greatest anime around. Every episode is highly entertaining, and the story is absoluley huge. You think One Piece is long? Hajime no Ippo has over 800 chapters and has been going on since the 80's. :P

Coach Walsh loses battle with leukemia

I feel like my heart has just been ripped out. I just saw the message on ESPN, and it felt as if I couldn't breathe. No man, has had such a great affect on the NFL as much as Bill Walsh. I don't care what anyone says, but Walsh changed this league more than any other person has. Such a great man, coach, and human being period. I just don't know what else to say right now...

13-0 win

Giants creamed the Phillies today, but we're still 5.5 games behind those damn Dodgers! :evil: Hopefully this win can get us started on another winning streak again and maybe keep us permanently above .500. Oh yeah how about that Fred Lewis?! His first day playing he gets a cycle, and now he hits a grand slam! I sense some good things coming from this kid.

I can feel it!


I predict we go 10-6 this year. Finally after 4 years of torment and despair, the niners are going to be back in the playoffs!