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Its going to be off and on

Well my life has been anything but perfect as of late. I am going through a lot of stuff in my personal life and have not been able to really get on the Internet. I am currently at my moms house and I am using her Internet to write this blog. Where I am living I have 56k Internet and I have been hesitating on getting on here because of that. I think that I will make more efforts to get on here when I am at home even though I will be moving very slow. So I might come on for an hour or two when I do log on so that I can post with all of you. I have missed posting with all of y'all.

Ok enough about that, as of late I am becoming more and more in disbelief in how my country is going. The US used to be a great country to live in but just how DC is churning out all of these bills that is putting us in more and more debt really bothers me. I can not say everything I want in fear of getting moderated so I won't say too much about how I feel about these politicians. Also too the news for the most part is playing a cover up for the Obama Administration and the only news channel worth watching is Fox News. Alright that is all I am going to say now about politics.

Now about my gaming life, I have thought about selling my Xbox 360 and get a PS3. I just have always been a Sony fan and feel that they always produce better games and overall I have never really enjoyed Xbox games. I regret selling my PS3 but I do not see myself regretting the sell of my Xbox 360.

Now onto sports all I can think about right now is how my LSU Tigers are just falling apart over their last 15 games. It is like we do not even look like defending National Champions, our pitching staff has been not as spectacular as last seasons staff was and all of the sudden our offense has hit a slump. I just hope that my Tigers can sweep the Miss. State Bulldogs so that we can play in the SEC Tournament.

Well that is all for this blog, I apologize for this blog being so random. I did not really plan this blog out. I look forward to posting with y'all when I get the chance to.