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It is CHRISTmas not "X-Mas" !

I do not know how many of you might know but I am a devout Roman Catholic and I strongly agree with a lot of what the Roman Catholic Church believes in.

Lately on my Facebook account some of my friends have been posting some Christmas themed statuses and instead of them using the word Christmas they use the word "X-Mas" I take great offense to this because of my religious background and that without Jesus CHRIST there would be no Christmas for them to be celebrating. I have not personally told them anything but instead posted an anti-X-Mas status. I do not get why they would celebrate the holiday for any other reason besides to just get presents. If you do not want to put Christ into Christmas than do not celebrate the holiday at all. So I want to wish everyone on Gamespot a Merry Chritmas.


I know this was a little early to wish y'all a Merry Christmas but I felt it appropriate to go along with the blog.