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RenegadePatriot Blog

Random Thought #1

I thought it would be interesting to make blogs about random thoughts I have that is not that long enough to be a blog on its own and I think that y'all might find interesting.

Not selling the Xbox 360 but I still selling stuff

I have decided to keep my Xbox 360 and just sell some of my Xbox 360 games, DS games and dvds that I do not play/watch anymore. I will most likely have to pay around 200 dollars out of my pocket but thats not too bad since I have some extra money. Now I just got to wait for my next paycheck to come here and I will be able to get it. I plan on getting Killzone 2 for it, I am getting pumped up for it.:D

Selling my 360 to get a PS3 maybe...

I have thought about selling my Xbox 360 to get the PS3 but the only thing that is holding me back is a lot of my friends here on Gamespot has a Xbox 360 and I would not be able to play with them online. I also too just thought about selling some of the old games that I do not play and use that money with some money I have saved up and get it. I really regret selling my PS3 now:(

I am thinking about buying the PS3 again...

I once did own a PS3 and I loved it, the only thing I regretted doing was selling it. It has been just about a year since I sold it and I miss it dearly. I have been a Sony fan for a while and I am just getting sick of playing my Xbox 360.

I do not know if this is a good idea or not to be honest with y'all. I just wonder for how much longer it will be around, when is the PS4 coming?

Is that a cross dressing wrestler ?

I have been a wrestling fan pretty much ever since I can remember. I have never been this disgusted by it though, now I am having to sit through a lot of bad storylines and just crappy wrestlers. For the past month one of the new gimmicks is Santina Marella aka Santino Marella's twin sister. The sad part of this is they are not even selling this gimmick that well really. I just wish they could come up with better storylines.

Boring days = dull days

A lot of my off days recently have been very boring to me, I am hoping that tomorrow will be a lil bit more exciting since my fiancee is off as well:)

I find it hard to find something interesting to watch on tv as of late, the only thing I find interesting at the moment on tv is sports , no tv shows have been keeping me entertained really. I just want to have a few entertaining/nonboring day.

I find that even my blogs have not been up to standard, where has my blogging skills gone?:?

I Feel Asleep!!

I finally reached one of my favorite levels on Gamespot, Level 24 I Feel Asleep!! So what is one of your favorite levels on Gamespot ?

Union set back

A week or so ago I was on schedule on making a new union but with work and other stuff coming up my union formation has been set back. Right now I am looking for officers that will be active. My list of 100 users is half way complete as well. I just hope I can make this union work.