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Cleaning up my profile !

I am about to be going through my profile and quitting unions that I do not visit, delete boards off my favorites that I do not visit and delete friends that do not come on GS no more. I am just getting tired of all of the clutter. Have any of you done this recently ?

I am 22 today !

Today is my 22nd birthday:) I have some stuff planned today for myself, I am going to eat out with my future mother-in-law and my fiancee and after that my fiancee and I plan on going to see a movie. I can not wait to see what I get for my birthday today!:D

I have finally cut cokes out of my life...again.

I have decided as of late to cut out unhealthy things in my life, the first thing I want to cut out is cokes and for the most part I have done that. Now I tend to drink Vitamin Water, Propel, Gatorade, Milk, Water, etc... pretty much anything that is healthy for me. The next thing I want to cut out of my life that is unhealthy is fast food. I will only eat it once a week at the most. So do you think you could give up cokes ?

100th Blog Post !

It has taken me over a year and a half to finally make one hundred blogs but I finally did it. I find this to be a decent milestone here on Gamespot. I can not wait to get to 1000 blog posts and I hope that it will not take me that long. Now lets party !



Entertainment :

Its coming this week !

I am going to make my union this week and I need to find 4 charter members to start it. I plan for it to be off-topic but we will talk about videogames in it a lot as well. So if you want to help me just pm me or leave me a comment on this blog.

Dont poop on that !

I have quickly found out that it is not that easy to train a puppy to use the bathroom outside. My fiancee and I are trying to train Sophie before we move into our new house because we do not want her to mess up our new carpet but she has yet to catch onto the concept of using the bathroom outside. We have tried everything to potty train her and we have ran out of ideas so if y'all have any tips I would appreciate it.:)