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Looking for a new vehicle !

Recently my 4-Runner has been having it's problems and before it gets too bad I want to get a new vehicle. I have thought about buying a car and the two choices I was trying to choose between was a Honda Civic or a Ford Mustang. The more I thought about the more I realized that I would not be happy with a car because I have always liked driving trucks. So it has been hard for me to decide between a Ford F-150 or a Toyota Tundra. Both of these trucks get around the same gas mileage so I just do not know which one to get. So which one should I get ?

Ford F-150 :

Toyota Tundra :

Deleting Unions I never go to...

I have tried to join a union just now and it said that I am affiliated with too many unions. I know that I only go to about 10 unions a month so it is time to do some cleaning. Also too I should be making my union soon, I just got to find a few more charter members. The last time I tried to make a union some of my charter members were already maxed out in unions they can join.

I got my shirt !

I have been looking for this certain Tapout shirt for about a month now and I was finally able to find it in my local stores in my size finally. I just wish that they would have this other Tapout shirt that I want.

Here is the shirt that I bought :

Halfway to 20k

I am at 15k posts as of now and I am looking to reach 20k before the end of August but do not know if I will be able to. I will need all of you guys support since I have been in a very down mood as of late. So will everyone try to help me out by pepping me up ?