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Finally I Am Wicked Sick!

It may have taken me nearly 5 years to reach Level 30 but I finally achieved it. I have always looked at level 30 as the level where I consider an user a veteran. So to my own standards I am finally officially a veteran.:P

Going back to school this Fall

I am excited about being able to finally be able to go back to school for this upcoming fall semester of 2011. It is going to be tough at first because it has been a few years since I have been in college but I am sure I will get back into the swing of things in no time. It is going to take me roughly 3 years or so most likely to get my bachleors but it is going to be worth it in the long run since in this world you need a college degree if you want to be sucessful in the job market.

When I first started to go to college I wanted to be a business-economy major but after sitting out for a few years I have figured out that it was not for me. I am good at math but I do not want my career to be about it, I feel that I would get burned out quickly if I did. So I have decided to change my major to being an English Major. My goal with that major is to be either a high school English teacher or a writer for a newspaper and hopefully become an author so that I will not have to work a "real" job and just be able to enjoy life.I have strong passion for writing so I know majoring in English is right for me.

An Update : 3/28

My life has been a roller coaster but who's life hasn't been ? I am slowly but surely putting my life back together and my life is getting back on the right track. Hopefully in a year or two my life will be in the shape it was in before I got married and then 5 months later I filed for a divorce from my wife or should I say ex-wife. My life will never be perfect but who's life really is. I miss this place a lot, this place brings me a lot of joy.I will make an attempt to come on here more and post with everyone but I can not promise anything, right now I am focused on my life getting straight but if y'all want to send me a link to your Facebook in my inbox and I will add you and we can talk on there.

I do not get sick but I got sick

For the past few days I have been having this cold, but today I feel that this cold has gotten way worse. I dread to think it but I think I might have the flu.:( I am starting to have a fever and I am starting to ache all over, I hope this is not the flu. I rarely get sick but when I get sick I get sick.

It is CHRISTmas not "X-Mas" !

I do not know how many of you might know but I am a devout Roman Catholic and I strongly agree with a lot of what the Roman Catholic Church believes in.

Lately on my Facebook account some of my friends have been posting some Christmas themed statuses and instead of them using the word Christmas they use the word "X-Mas" I take great offense to this because of my religious background and that without Jesus CHRIST there would be no Christmas for them to be celebrating. I have not personally told them anything but instead posted an anti-X-Mas status. I do not get why they would celebrate the holiday for any other reason besides to just get presents. If you do not want to put Christ into Christmas than do not celebrate the holiday at all. So I want to wish everyone on Gamespot a Merry Chritmas.


I know this was a little early to wish y'all a Merry Christmas but I felt it appropriate to go along with the blog.

Wants to get back into shape !

A lot of my friends think I am being stupid for saying that I am out of shape when I do not look fat to them. I know that I am out of shape because I get winded easy and also too gained 30lbs in like 6 months, I went from 185 to 215lbs. So I have started doing some little things to help me reach my goal to getting back into shape. One of those is reducing my intake of soft drinks and so far I am doing good, I have only had 4 soft drinks in 2 weeks which is good for me. Also too I have not eaten fast food in over a month and I cut out eating late at night. I want to get back into the shape like I was in before I got this way.

Out from under a rock !

Well I have been really down as of late due to going through a divorce and I have not really been around here that much because of it. I have lurked from time to time and even posted a lil but have not been here on a regular basis. I feel that now that I will be able to post here on a regular basis due to the fact that I am just about out of my depression. My goal in my return is to start being more active in the forums posting and hopefully I will be at 20k before Christmas and to write a new blog or two on a weekly basis. It feels good to be back.

Its going to be off and on

Well my life has been anything but perfect as of late. I am going through a lot of stuff in my personal life and have not been able to really get on the Internet. I am currently at my moms house and I am using her Internet to write this blog. Where I am living I have 56k Internet and I have been hesitating on getting on here because of that. I think that I will make more efforts to get on here when I am at home even though I will be moving very slow. So I might come on for an hour or two when I do log on so that I can post with all of you. I have missed posting with all of y'all.

Ok enough about that, as of late I am becoming more and more in disbelief in how my country is going. The US used to be a great country to live in but just how DC is churning out all of these bills that is putting us in more and more debt really bothers me. I can not say everything I want in fear of getting moderated so I won't say too much about how I feel about these politicians. Also too the news for the most part is playing a cover up for the Obama Administration and the only news channel worth watching is Fox News. Alright that is all I am going to say now about politics.

Now about my gaming life, I have thought about selling my Xbox 360 and get a PS3. I just have always been a Sony fan and feel that they always produce better games and overall I have never really enjoyed Xbox games. I regret selling my PS3 but I do not see myself regretting the sell of my Xbox 360.

Now onto sports all I can think about right now is how my LSU Tigers are just falling apart over their last 15 games. It is like we do not even look like defending National Champions, our pitching staff has been not as spectacular as last seasons staff was and all of the sudden our offense has hit a slump. I just hope that my Tigers can sweep the Miss. State Bulldogs so that we can play in the SEC Tournament.

Well that is all for this blog, I apologize for this blog being so random. I did not really plan this blog out. I look forward to posting with y'all when I get the chance to.

An Along Waited Return

I have been wanting to come back for a long time and was not able to until recently. I have gotten married since the last time I have been here and I have purchased a new vehicle and other than that only some other things have changed. I am going to make strides to be here as much as possible so I can not promise that I will be here everyday but atleast once a week.