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is at its ultimate right now. I am so UTTERLY BORED I even went to the store and bought a bag of Polly!

Well, to start my day I found out my bike was stolen. I end my day with finding my bike right across the parking lot outside our apartment complex. Splendid.

With that done and over I find myself loooooonging for games but one with a new story and brilliant ideas mixed all into one.

I want Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim NOW! Why do we have to wait for so long D: Why do they tell us: Hey, we got a new game out soon! WAIT ANOTHER YEAR OR TWO FIRST!

This is the emotional roller-coaster I'm on whenever I find I game I really want: excited -> mope -> excited again! -> go cry in a corner - Repeat that until the game is actually released and I will act like a snob; spin around on my "high heels" with my nose in the air and feel offended when the game well is released because I've waited so long and my patience and pride feel like it's on a breakingpoint.

Games are the ONLY reason to be emotional and live on a emotional roller-coaster other than that, it's forbidden!

Back to the actual point of all this... What do I DO WHEN I'M BORED D:?! Should I dwell in it completely so I can appreciate the happy moments? I wanna live in bliss all the time.

Maybe I should play Vampire Masquerade: Bloodlines again... 'S not a bad game, really... Only I wished they could re-make it so it would be more awesome! (don't think that is possible however but anyway)

I'm sick

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and I don't like waking up damn early every morning just to cough my lungs up.

I went and bought 3 games just to stop this circle of 'ad insult to injury' style I seem to like a lot. Well.. One game didn't actually work and the other game requires an xBox 360 to play... So what the hell?

Anyhooow... What more do I write about O_o

I wished I could jump in time to when the games I'm waiting for will be released. Probably going to miss to world completely for 2 weeks. I think there was two games I wanted released at the same weeks? Probably... Well, good thing I'm single, I bet there isn't a man or a woman out here who could accept me going sudden AWOL (prove me wrong if I am).

I'm going to go get a cup of tea