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On a more serious note: Imo Mass Effect 1 is more fun on the consoles but it is by no means bad on the PC. Its just the controls are far more awkward. And the minigame in that vers is annoying as hell. And there are far more technical issues. Also I'll second the Witcher 2 recommendation. Might also want to give the dragon age series a try if you haven't already.
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MDK, Mist, Curse of Monkey Island, Ultima 7, Half-Life, System Shock 2, and Pong.
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It's a completely different experience from what FF-13 is. Overall I'd say the craft that went into it is superior and its almost certainly worth a look for any rpg afficionado.
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This isn't that old - it was made sometime around the year 2000 and the graphics were fairly decent.
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I played the demo for it many years ago but for the life of me I can't remember what it was. Basically its sort of an old style point and click adventure game - with some action segments thrown into the mix. The dialogue was pretty well written and it had some personality from what I remember. You start in what looks like an 1800s era jailhouse. Viewpoint is first-person. You and one other guy are locked up and with a arrogant, grizzled old guard keeping watch. He says some choice words to your character then promptly plops down on the table and nods off to sleep - in which time the actual game begins. You have a talk with the other prisoner (an old black guy) who gives you some background on their current situation and ideas for what lies ahead in the game. Next you solve a pretty simple puzzle and open the door - at which point you then have the opportunity to take the keys from the guard. If you try to go for his gun he somehow notices and shoots you with it before you even get close (this results in a game over screen). Now you can decide whether or not to free your cell-mate. If you free him he is very polite and thankful - if not he's very scornful and rude towards you. Next you quitely exit the prison door - only to be confronted with an entire platoon of red coats who were just lounging around apparently. A musket-battle ensues between you and them. This requires lightning fast reflexes and perfect timing to survive (probably gameovered at least 20-30 times in that part) - regardless of the outcome after that - the demo ends. The gameover screen was interesting - it basically shows your future tombstone on a stormy night for a few seconds. It had sort of a pirate or swashbuckler theme to it - and there was an overall purpose to the storyline that I can't really remember - perhaps something to do with a treasure. Also I believe theres sword fighting in the actual game. Action scenes are real hardcore - so hard they stand a pretty good chance of alienating all but the most hardcore of players - or something near that effect. Anyone recognize this?