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The Regulator Strikes Back...and Hard. The WORST of 2012

You read the best, now it is time to read the worst. I was not per the tradition.

The plague upon humanity, Justin Bieber continues to wreak havoc all the while avoiding the curse of puberty. I forced myself to listen to one of his songs and I wanted to kill myself. Every time I see him I want to punch him as hard as I possibly can-bonus points if Selena Gomez is watching-poor girl probably forgets what a real man is. He proves solidly that pre-teen girls have some sort of brain damage. Lady Gaga still refuses to go away and I still feel should be made illegal. If she were not famous, she would be involuntarily committed to an inpatient psychiatric facility. Its pretty messed up when you get rewarded with ungodly amounts of money for being insane. Bruno Mars who sounds more like a gay adult film star continuously churns out crap and gets worse and worse with every single. Sad part is, he got busted in Vegas a while back with Cocaine, but heck, when you are famous and put out crappy music the law doesnt matter.

However the worst offender...or well the three headed beast would be: The Lumineers "Ho Hey" which sounds like another crappy hippy outtake from the 1960's that was forgotten, Imagine Dragons "It's Time" which is pretty much a genetically engineered radio friendly piece of garbage and Of Monsters and Men "Little Talks" is an annoying pseudo bar room chant that alternates between haunted houses and boats. Those three songs encapsulate what is wrong with music-radio friendly, soulless, disposable, pop garbage. All three of those songs could be used to extract confessions from criminals, heck, if subjected to that any more than I usually am, I would admit to the assassination of Julius Caesar. With all the technicalities aside, the songs just SUCK and you hear them 20 times every hour.

However the honors for Worst Song of the Year goes to Nicole Westbrook for her colossal turd-Its Thanksgiving. If you have the guts, watch it on Youtube and enjoy the suffering. If you thought Rebecca Blacks Friday was bad, you have NOT seen this. The lyrics are inane, the music is awful, and the video is frightening (as it contains a startling amount of health code violations) its justcreepy. Upon closer notice, this video was done by the same people who did Friday. This is two utterly awful songs in a row which could be considered as torture under the Geneva Convention. Somebody needs to arrest the man responsible for these auditory massacres, Patrice Wilson, and make sure he is not allowed near anything electronic againever. Now, for those of you who were brave enough to watch the video, if you did so for more than 10 seconds you have potentially overexposed yourself and may face brain damage, permanent nausea and diarrhea, and possible hemorrhaging from the ears. To avoid this, immediately treat with real music such as Symptom of the Universe by Black Sabbath or anything by Judas Priest.

2012 was also a year in which Western Civilization took many steps towards oblivion. Here Comes Honey Boo Boo clearly illustrates the stereotypes that are commonly held about Americans-chief amongst these that we are a nation of fat, stupid, ignorant, inbred mutants. While all of these things are true about Honey Boo Boo and her family, it is not true of all Americans. The Kardashian Family is still famous, nobody knows why considering that they all have the same degree of talent as a brick. I apologize; I did not mean to offend bricks as they have many uses such as building structures or being used as projectiles against annoying, obnoxious, brain-dead skanks. TV continued to do Western Civilization more favors with Toddlers and Tiaras which caters to child molesters and encourages moms whose looks have long since faded to live vicariously through their kids. Each episode features girls caked in make-up thick enough to stop a bullet, wearing clothes that would not look out of place in a cheap strip club, and buckling under the pressure of their insane mothers. After I try to identify the mental illness of the parents, I think about the Mercedes Benz, the five car garage, and huge house that I would own if I were to counsel these poor girls when they grow up. The moms are beyond help, they need to be sedated and locked up.

The 2012 Presidential Election was a bust-sure Mitt Romney came off as cold and uncaring, but at least he is not as scheming, cold, and uncaring as Chairman Obama. The public chose the promise of Free Stuff over Freedom and yet they will cry and throw a tantrum (i.e. RIOT) when the bill comes due. Seriously, anyone in this nation who thinks that Obama is a nice guy who cares about you probably still believes in Santa Claus.

The Golden Facepalm (The coveted award which goes to the dumbest person/people of the year) is awarded to the people on Finding Bigfoot. This show is about a group of borderline mentally retarded people who firmly believe in Sasquatch. One of the men, Bobo (I wish I was making that up) wears a trucker hat with Gone Squatchin on it. They call to the Sasquatch and interview anyone who may have possibly seen something that could have been a Sasquatch. They also believe pretty much anything that anyone tells them. First off, a Sasquatch call? If nobody has seen one, how do you know what they sound like? Secondly, in a nation this big with millions of people who own a gun, a car, or both. Someone would have accidentally or purposefully killed one by now. Lastly, an animal that big is going to leave an epically large pile of crap-where are those piles? However their firm belief just makes me and lots of other people laugh hysterically-what a bunch of losers! Whats next, a show about Unicorns? Maybe the Sasquatch ride them and they can turn invisible? I am sure they will advance that theory at some point, probably next episode.

Finally, the Worst Person of the Year is serious, so I will drop the insults. The recipients are two soulless monsters who saw fit to kill innocent people who were minding their own business. The shooting in Colorado during a screening of The Dark Knight Rises is appalling. Those were innocent people just out to have fun. The shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary was horrific, what kind of evil waste of skin harms those who cannot defend themselves? We all pay our debt sometime, we can take solace in knowing that those two subhumans who committed these crimes will spend an eternity paying for them.

Well, that is it for 2012. Let us all hope 2013 is better. I hope you liked the lists, have a great year!


The Regulator Strikes Back: Best of 2012

As promised, it's been a while, I hope you enjoy. This is post 1 of 2 with the WORST of 2012...and there was a lot...will come on New Year's Eve. Originally this was all one blog, but it was so big I had to break it down.

2012, the year the world was supposed to didn't, and I am sort of disappointed by that. I mean, living to see everything end, that would be cool. It would also be a good excuse to sit on my roof, drink a bottle of Jack Daniels and party hard as everything goes down. As some of you know, I would do a best/worst of the year and I haven't done so in a while. Well, for old times sake, here we go again.

Not all music was bad this year, though the song was played to death, Gotye's "Somebody That I Used to Know" was different, interesting, enjoyable and well...Kimbra is kind of hot. (Let the hate comments begin.) Adele's "Skyfall" not only was awesome, it was the quintessential James Bond theme song-at least some people out there still have talent. Though I hate the song and some of his stupid comments about killing Americans I have to give credit to Psy for the catchy "Gangnam Style" which is clever and funny. Though my choice for Song of the Year goes to the ever awesome Soundgarden for "Live to Rise" which is inspiring and just rocks.

Got to see a few movies this year, The Avengers was absolutely amazing and rocked from start to finish-bar none, the best comic book movie ever and arguably one of the greatest action movies ever. Spiderman was a decent reboot, but not quite as good as the one from 2000. Snow White and the Huntsman was surprisingly good (And Mrs. Regulator loved the double dose of Chris Hemsworth.) Speaking of Mrs. Regulator, for my birthday she took me to see Sinister as I have not watched a horror movie in the six years we have been together. It was spectacular, spooky, chilling, and had her trembling in fear. Finally, a must see for all gamers, especially those of us over 30 was Wreck It Ralph which was funny and a true love letter to gaming. I loved every minute of that movie, still, top honors goes to The Avengers for Movie of the Year.

To make all of this worse, we lost notable good people like Neil Armstrong-the first man to walk on the moon, General Norman Schwarzkopf who pwned Iraq in the first Gulf War, Larry Hagman who played JR Ewing the GREATEST TV-Troll of all time. Sadly, all of these fine people are gone, and Justin Bieber, Kim Kardashian, and Michael Moore still draw breath-life ain't fair is it?

Hottest woman alive for 2012 is a no-brainer-Kate Upton wowed the world with her God given figure. Just google her and "Cat Daddy' sit back and be amazed.

"Game of the Year" That is a tough one...a lot of good stuff came out in 2012. Kingdoms of Amalur was impressive until you can hit a game breaking bug. Then the studio folded, so that was traded! Mass Effect 3 was released and caused a huge stir with it's groundbreaking ending: Turd Sandwich Blue, Turd Sandwich Red, or Turd Sandwich Green. X-Com Enemy Uknown brought a glorious franchise back to live with streamlined and engaging gameplay. Halo 4 also made a triumphant return and showed everyone why Halo is great. With all things being said, the winner was tough to pick. With all the new games I got this year I would have to say...X-Com Enemy Unknown for quality of design, challenge, and flexibility. Halo 4 is a very close 2nd.

Now the "Best Person of 2012" Award and is a painful thing this year. No jokes here, and there is more than one recepient, they are: Charlotte Bacon (age 6), Daniel Barden (Age 7), Olivia Engel (Age 6), Josephine Gay (Age 7), Dylan Hockley (Age 6), Madeleine Hsu (Age 6), Catherine Hubbard (Age 6), Chase Kowalski (Age 7), Jesse Lewis (Age 6), Ana Marquez-Green (Age 6), James Mattioli (Age 6), Grace McDonnell (Age 7), Emilie Parker (Age 6), Jack Pinto (Age 6), Noah Pozner (Age 6), Caroline Previdi (Age 6), Jessica Rekos (Age 6), Avielle Richman (Age 6), Benjamin Wheeler (Age 6), and Allison Wyatt (Age 6).

All of the above were the children so senselessly killed in the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting. Their only crime was going to school like so many of us have done or still do. Their innocent lives taken by an evil waste of flesh whose name should not ever be spoken so that he may be forgotten. No child should die, let alone this many. They were defenseless, they were innocent, and the only solace any one of us can take is that they are in the arms of Almighty God for all eternity. If only all of us could be as good and as innocent. As we remember, let them forget, and may they rest in peace.

Let us not forget: Rachel D'Avino (29), Dawn Hochsprung (47), Anne Marie Murphy (52), Lauren Rosseau (30), Mary Scherlach (56) who were all staff members who perished that day. Special honors given to Victoria Leigh Soto (27) who died with honor protecting the children.

If anything we take away from this year, if we are to be better people, we must all know, realize, and embrace the idea that all life is precious. That we must respect the sanctity of life, and protect those who are most defenseless. If we think about each other, nobody has to think about themselves.

Well, now that the seriousness is out of the way, I will close for now. Part 2 will be posted tomorrow. Have a nice night.

Dusting It Off

Wow, it's been a long time, gone are the days when this site was bustling, I had more unions than I could count and a weekly blog.

Funny how life catches up with you. Between working, being married, and the joys of owning a home it leaves little time for anything else.

Well, for old time's sake...if there is anyone out there...I am going to dust off the annual, fabled...WORST OF list for 2012!

See you in December.


The Sort of Return of the Regulator-My Take on the ME3 Controversy

It's been a while...since October really and I just thought I would stop by to see if anyone out there is still listening.

ME3 has come and gone, and with new DLC on the horizon, I thought I would add my comments about the game seeing is that it is so controversial.


From a technical standpoint, ME3 was far and away the best game in the series. It took the best parts of the first two games and combined them together for the "Epic" finale. The combat was tight, the graphics were great, the voice/character acting was top notch as well. The story was also extremely good, it made you want to find out what was going on and bring an end to the awful war between Organics and Reapers.

By all means, the ingredients for a truly epic game are right here...well sort of.

After going through hell and high water, you get to the end which should be the capstone to a game. Up to this point the game has been perfect by all standards and was shaping up to be an instant classic.

As we all know, the ending has caused much controversy, and it is well deserved. There were several gradiations of three different endings all of which pretty much took all of the choices you had made and threw them out the window. The only real differences were the color streams of the energy that decided the Reaper's fate.

As soon as Shepard and company got blasted by Harbinger, my stomach turned..."Great, no ending" I thought. Then you wake up in what appears to be an abbatoir, and I then think "Alright, chance for redemption here..." Then you square off against the Illusive Man in what was a pretty good scene and again my hope was restored.

Then the "Ghost Kid" shows up. My wife who LOVES the ME series was standing right there as I mused aloud: "WTF is this ****" I knew then and there they screwed the pooch.

I then had three choices, all of them losers, to decide how badly I screw over a ton of people. I chose destruction as I knew it would allow organic life the chance to go on unimpeded. I also had hoped it would permaban the Ghost Kid who in seconds ruined one of my favorite games.

I did get the other "Hidden Ending" where Shepard gasps. Which went on to confuse me even more that I already was which is hard to do.

My theory is that the game actually ends when Harbinger blasts you. All that transpired on the Citadel/Crucible is Shepard's delusion caused by grave injuries.


For a game that prided itself on your choices and did a good job of illustrating how your choices affected things as a whole, the game failed epically here. When Bioware tried to hide behind the argument of "Artistic Integrity" I wanted to give them the benefit of the doubt, yet I could not. They compromised their artistic integrity by removing choice from the endings, or even worse giving the ILLUSION of choice at the end.

I am most upset about how the ending really wasn't an ending either, nothing was concluded.

Bioware missed a golden opportunity to put a bow on an epic game.

I can only hope the DLC clears up some of this mess, but since Bioware has already messed this up royally, I have reservations...

Happy Birthday GTA III

October of 2001, the USA was recovering from 9/11 and life was slowly getting back to normal. For me, I had just started a new job that paid a ton of money for that time and being on the edge of 21 I was already getting a jumpstart on the awesome privilege that comes with that age.

I had gotten a call from my friend, Ray who was telling me all about this awesome new game, Grand Theft Auto III. I had read about it, looked promising and I was eager to try it. I had played the first two installments and I was less than impressed, but it showed promise.

So Ray comes over, fires it up, hands me the controller and the rest is history. I immediately got a copy after I got paid that week and I did not put the game down for months.

I have many fond memories of exploring what was then a huge city, zooming around in my Yakuza Stinger with Rise-FM blasting the whole time. Fighting the law...and winning, and even inventing the "Regulator 24 Hour Endurance Challenge" which involved me seeing how many people I could waste in 24 game hours without getting caught/killed and having to evade the police at the end of the run.

GTAIII ushered in a new era of gaming, the sandbox genre would become a gaming standard. It also pushed the envelope on what you could do in a game. I remember being in disbelief at hearing hard core swearing for the first time in a game. That was interesting because my language is pretty foul in real life.

You weren't bound by missions, or time, or anything for that matter. You went at your own pace which was pretty novel for the time. You could just go on murder sprees, collect stuff, search the city, or do whatever. It was new, it was brilliant, it was wonderful.

10 years later, the genre has grown and evolved, but GTA III still stands up. It is still fun, still playable, and still relevant. It's many sequels have advanced the game to the hilarious and improved GTA Vice City which brought in memorable characters and enhancements in almost every are (plus it was in the 80's which was awesome). GTA San Andreas which made the game even bigger, had more character depth, and was one of the best games ever made. To GTA IV which was epic in it's own right, but lost something along the way.

Happy Birthday GTA III, I wish the series many more and I thank you for the memories.

10 Years After

Nobody can ever, and should not ever forget the events of September 11, 2001. Every one of us will remember where we were and what we were doing that day.

Looking back, ten years later, I realize just how mundane everything seemed. Life just kind of drifted by, people came and went, the sun would rise and it would set again. You could watch TV and be bored to death, people just didn't seem to care about much. Everyone was so preoccupied with anything that didn't matter.

Then, a group of 19 cowardly hijackers who so strongly believe that murdering the innocent will please their god took the lives of 3,000 innocent people. People who only sought to make living, to mind their own business...people who were going to work.

To think of 3,000 people suddenly losing their lives is impossible to comprehend. To think of the countless more who have been affected by losing those loved ones is even more incomprehensible. It is truly astounding to see how much pain can be caused by a few moments influenced by callous, thoughtless thinking.

In the wake of that day, people seemed to take things a little more seriously, people had more respect, we valued life and each other a little bit more. Of all the legacies, of all the things that have changed in ten years, I wish we would still have that same level of respect.

Personally, though I believe I speak for many, the anguish from that day still has not subsided. Being the flawed human that I am, I cannot grasp the idea of forgiveness for such evil, vile people-especially those who would kill in the name of God. I am taught that there are no unforgiveable sins, but to justify wholesale slaughter as the word of God would be the closest thing to unforgiveable.

I hope our enemies know that though they collapsed two buildings, killed scores of people, and inflicted a horrible wound upon this nation, that their action was not a victory. The American way of life continues, will still exist, and we will not perish from this Earth.

The same cannot be said for our enemies, for all of those who seek to destroy peace and freedom will meet with death. There is no paradise, there are no virgins, there is no peace, there is no glory. If all you seek is death, those who champion the cause of good will give you all that you could desire and more.

Until the day comes that we are all free from the grip of hatred and war, may we seek peace where we can find it and may we have the courage to push into the darkness those who seek bring chaos and terror.

God Bless America,


Human Revolution

Deus Ex was released this week, I was excited to hear about it's release and pre-ordered it right away. So far, I am not disappointed, it has met my expectations and is a truly wonderful game. The main selling point to me was playing as a character with implants (augmentations per the game) that fuse man and machine.

The first experience I had with a game similar to this dealing with concepts of implanting machines into the body was a game called Shadowrun. It was based on the pencil and paper RPG's of the same name and showed a future where computers were manipulated by the mind, men could have cybernetic components installed, and magic was a very real thing. The game played beautifully and I spent many an hour enjoying the world of Seattle in the distant future. I still play the game to this very day.

That was 1993 when it was released and ever since it got me thinking about the reality of such technology. I have done extensive research in the area and have learned that it is a real science.

Transhumanism is a real movement that seeks to use technology to take people beyond their human limitations. Things discussed in this movement range from artificial limbs and organs to implanted computers-much of what you see in Deus Ex is a talking point in Transhumanism. I once did a report in college (got an A) about this movement, to have a limb replaced is the most visible application-to have your pancreas replaced if you are a diabetic is yet another that few would consider.

Some argue that this is "dehumanizing people" or as anti-augmentation factions in Deus Ex refer to it, "Body pollution." Such a field makes you wonder about the nature of humanity, faith, spirituality, and whether or not people should have such a chance to hone such technology.

Given that I have thought much about this, my personal feelings are well known to me: I support it completely.

Gamefaqs put up a poll on Tuesday asking if you would allow yourself to be augmented, I picked the first option "I'd be the first in line." To me, optimizing the human body is becoming more human than human. If you are stronger, tougher, can experience more of life. If you can live longer, there are more things to see and do. The human spirit, the soul are what makes us human. Is a person with a prosthetic leg any less human? What of people with hearing aids and cochlear implants? They are still quite human.

So to put it plainly, being a cyborg would be a pretty cool thing to me, how about you?

Better to Burn Out Than to Fade Away

Often times I like to observe and muse about pop culture. Not so much because I enjoy it, rather I see it as an awful distortion of reality and a stereotyping of several characteristics of the human race.

We have the so-called beautiful, the talentless but attractive people, the secret rage filled monsters, and the addicts...

Those with substance abuse issues are put into the spotlight, mocked and cursed for their addiction, then venerated when they die. Fame and pop-culture are cruel beasts in which I have called out on many occasions, it is hardly a new thing for me. Then again, I am but one small voice in a large crowd with people much larger than I. These words will exist for a moment in cyberspace before they are swallowed up in the ether of endless data.

Addiction is a very real thing, it is a powerful beast with an insatiable hunger. It relies upon the person it afflicts and kills them as they feed it. Imagine as if every bite of food you ate slowly killed the person who made you the dish. So is addiction, and it is as real as every breath you take.

I have had the wonderful opportunity to see people overcome this beast, it is difficult but not impossible. I think of a dear friend who is no longer addicted to heroin and has become a talented artist. She is so grateful for each day, the people in her life, and the love that she experiences. She saw that there are bigger things in this world other than substances that dull your wits and numb the pain away until you no longer feel it.

I have also seen those not so fortunate, I have seen quite a few young people, male and female, some as young as 24 die of their addictions. When you see a 24 year old girl who is brain-dead, on machinery keeping her alive long enough that her organs may be donated, then you see something similar a week later it puts things into perspective.

#1. All life is precious, #2. People with problems are STILL people, #3. There is at least one person in this world that loves you, and one other important fact that cannot be simplified into a list:

To escape reality and pain with drugs and alcohol is just not worth it. You will die, maybe not today, maybe not for a while, but you will be gone. When someone dies of this illness, their pain is turned outwards and it harms all of those who care. There are more questions than answers, and to leave someone you love asking "What could I have done differently" is an awful thing.

I may have referred to Amy Winehouse as "The World Champion of Drugs" once and I stand by that statement. It was to put things into perspective, someone who was talented and loved by her family was seen more as a junkie than anything else. Now, she like so many other young people with this problem are gone.

It is easy to dismiss addicts as weaklings who cannot help themselves. Sometimes that is true, more often than not it is because the physical and mental toll that drugs have on them is too much to bear. Before we judge, think about your own world first. The only difference between an addict and a non-addict is the presence of the addiction iteslf.

Video Games in Court-The Law Hath Spoken

Laws are the framework upon which society stops from collapsing upon itself. Much like any frame of a building, strong laws that work and protect can withstand earthquakes and tornados. Laws that are weak and hurt others cannot hold the bricks and mortar of society and will collapse taking the structure with it.

Video Games went before the US Supreme Court, and a California law banning the sale of games to underage persons was struck down. The 1st Amendment of the US Constitution protects free speech and states that Congress shall not make any law that will abridge free speech. I agree fully with this decision not so much because I am a gamer, but I am a strong supporter of the US Constitution and for which it stands.

The Government...ANY government should focus on three things: #1. Protecting it's citizens through maintaining an Armed Force, #2. Collecting and levying taxes/tarriffs, #3. Making treaties with other nations on behalf of the citizens. BABYSITTING is NOT a role of any government. Parents and guardians should make decisions for underage children, NOT governments. If you as a parent think your kid can handle GTA, by all means...if not, don't let them play it.

As the parent of an 8 year old, I help in his video game selection. My wife and I control what he sees and what he does not see. He has watched me play Red Dead Redemption as it is not too bad on the content front, he cannot watch me play Duke Nukem Forever or Dead Space, though he watched my wife and I play Fable and Oblivion. We make the decisions, we do not need a government to tell us what is alright and what isn't for our kid.

Think about it, the more one surrenders any sort of freedom, the more the entity who takes them will want. It is much easier to control a repressed society than a free one.

Not all games are appropriate for all kids, heck most kids games are difficult as all get out and are inappropriate for kids (infernal Winnie The Poo game!). The point is, if you want to have fun and be a grown up, you have to act responsibly. Kids shouldn't be exposed to everything under the sun, they should slowly step out into the light.

Furthermore, people as a society need to take more responsibility. If a kid kills someone and blames it on Halo (It's happened) look at the root causes rather than burn Master Chief at the stake. If violent games really caused violent behavior, wouldn't the crime rate have skyrocketed by now? With the massives sales of games and the widening of the gamer community, there would be correlation.

Check the FBI's Uniform Crime Statistics...crime has been dropping, even as video games have become even more popular.

The Supreme Court gets is right a lot of the time, this is one of them. Game on.

Duke Nukem Forever-The Controversy, By Regulator


Wow, there is a lot of hate and mixed reviews going towards the negative direction for the long awaited Duke Nukem Forever.

I got the game yesterday and I have been playing it and I am seeing where the criticism comes from. In comparison to many games today, it is lacking...that however does NOT mean it isn't fun.

To answer a possible next question I am no fanboy of anything.

The graphics are a bit dated, the controls are either too loose or clunky, and it is pretty linear. Guess what? So was the original Duke Nukem and it was loved in it's time. This game is more of a love letter to the original series than anything and it succeeds in that respect. It could use more polish, and I wish Gearbox put a little more into it rather than save it for future Duke Nukem games, still it is fun.

The game is funny, the action is definately there, and so far it is a challenge. That and I am enjoying it, the combination of nostalgia and jabs at current issues are a nice thing in my opinion. That and it is an old school shooter, I have played more Halo derivatives than I can count, what's wrong with taking a step back for a change? Do you criticize others for gaming on older systems or emulators?

I don't think all Duke Nukem games should be like this, they do need to move forward. Don't make the series a Halo clone, but polish it up a little better next time. The series has been stagnant for over a decade, tying up the loose end is a good start to reestablishing it for the future.

Isn't that what matters? Playing games because they are highly rated is kind of foolish, fun should be the goal, not the byproduct. The gaming media seems to have lost sight of that. They are all about epic games that redefine genres which is good, or heighten the experience, raise the bar...those are all important, so is enjoyment.

Most great games are fun, but not all fun games are great and the media does NOT take that into account.

Guns N' Roses (Well Axl Rose) took forever to put out "The Chinese Democracy" it became a joke in the music industry as DNF became in the gaming industry. When the album was released people hated on it because it took so long, few actually listened to the album which is actually pretty good. Even the pretentious Rolling Stone Magazine gave it a good review that was fair. I think DNF is getting the same treatment here, the game is using dated mechanics-I think they were aiming for that to begin with.

I like Duke Nukem Forever, I will also probably trade it in not long after I finish it. I think the game is pretty flawed and it could be better, still it is very enjoyable. I loved Red Dead Redemption and Gears of did everyone else. I hated Ninja Gaiden 2 though it was reviewed well. I loved Rise of the Argonauts and Too Human though they were considered mediocre. See a pattern here? No? Good, there isn't one.

Enjoy the game, ratings are a number.