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Look at this beauty, ain't she beautiful!!

I just got the PS3/MGS4 bundle and I have to say, I'm flabbergasted!! Have a look.

I only clocked a couple of hours on MGS4 (I was checking all the options on the XMB (and there's alot!) but I'm sure I'll find all the time I need hehe.

I was wondering, if you have a PS3, what features do you prefer the most about the PS3 (Blu-Ray included) and what's your favorite games:)

PSN is: Regor23:P

Bandwidth problems!

First of all. I'm sorry for the inconveniences!!..It seems that I've exceeded my Photobucket bandwidth for this month and the problem will only be resolved on August the 2nd

So in the mean time, if you want to change your sigs, tags or/and banners, I truely wont feel offended! As soon as I get my bandwidth back, I'll make an other blog about it and send you new codes to your arts if needed:)

Again, sorry for the trouble!

PS: I deleted alot of older projects (I went from 4 pages to 1 and a half) so this problem shouldn't happen again!

Dimension Wars III

The third edition of the Toonami's original strategie card game as finaly come upon us and will feature all new cards, attacks/sub attacks and lots of new characters..

32 warriors and 8 teams will battle for the glorious Dimension Goblet and other goodies..Sparks are bound to flare into what will be one of the best union event on Gamespot!

Come see what heroes are made of and you are all welcome to join the party by cheering for your favorite team if you aren't already part of this awesome game..

This is my team for Dim Wars III





SSBB Friend Code

Well, here it is!..The time to play SSBB online as come upon us8)

If anybody want's to add me to their list, here's my FC: 4639-9078-3901

Don't be shy to drop your code by, we'll Brawl sometime;)

Friend's code that I already have:



-Kid Blazer



The Naruto Union

Hey everybody:)

I just wanted to take a minute to tell you about the Naruto Union...

Well first of all, it's a great place to hang out for any Naruto fans..They have good relevant topics and they truely are a fun bunch..If you have any questions, just ask me or click the tag below, it will direct you to their home page..

Have fun..Later guys!

Wii + SSBB = Some GS downtime and a general Wii review!


= Me Making A New Blog

So like most of you have heard, I bought a Wii recently so it's the big reason why I haven't been as active lately..

I know alot of ppl who will say: Bah, the Wii, the games su*ks and what not but if you haven't actualy played it, then you don't know that the games (which has a pretty damn good selection by now) isn't the only cool thing about the Wii..

Let's talk about the handling first...It's a definate 10 out of 10!..The Wii-mote and nunchuck are just awesome..Even though you don't have to use them full throttle all the time, it's so much fun that you'll want to 90% of the time (the other 10% is because you're physicaly tired)..

Add ons: There's tons of it!!

Off shoots

(Versions 2, 3 and 4)



(For really lazy ppl who have a good chiro)

Wii phone (Maybe someday)

Now the most important thing in a console is always it's games and sinse it's Nintendo, sure the sensless violence is going to get toned down a bit (not always though!), but again the fun value is always there!..

And many more..

As for the graphics, it's still not 360 and PS3 worthy but it can pack the punch when needed.

The machine: IT WILL NEVER FAIL YOU! It's Nintendo after all so you will never have to worry about some red lights of death or whatever..

Overall, there's still some games that I would like to be able to get for the Wii but all in all, I'm more than satisfied!:D

**** out of *****

FINALY.. 10 000 post party!!

10 000 posts is on the board..I've been waiting for this one for a while...I never was in a hurry so I'm glad that I got it in a 'natural way'...Anyway, IT'S PARTY TIME!!

Toonami's Dimension Wars II: Chronicle!! (OVER AND DONE)

After the great success of the 1st Dimension wars, here comes the 2nd installment of this awesome turn based card game with an all new system, rules and revamped cards. You don't want to miss it this time around because once it has started, you won't be able get in for a while and it's exclusive to The Toonami Union.

For registration or any info about the game, just click on the link below..

Join here!

Here's my card for the war:)..Thanks again Asvicj, you're the best!

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