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Anyone else cant wait for Pokemon HG/SS?

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I, for one, personally can't wait for it. Anyone else?

I never really played the second generation games, excluding the few times my friend let me play his while we were still in elementary school, making that really the only generation I've never really played. I didnt particularly hate the bits that I played way back when, and from what I've read about it on serebii, I'm excited for it.

Well, thats it I guess, I'll write a longer blog when something interesting actually happens.


Sheng Long + and some more stuff noone cares about

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After all these weeks of waiting im finally a Sheng Long.

Too bad I have no idea on what it is or what its from huh.

In my recent gaming news, I've beaten KH: 358/2 days, Mario and Luigi: Super Star Saga, and started playing Mario and Luigi: Partners in Time. And I will now give my impressions of them (meaning either ranting or praising the game. To get on the actual blog just go down about 3 paragraphs from here.) Warning to the few that may actually read it, there may be spoilers.

First off, Kingdom Hearts 358/2 days, overall, a game basicly only to please the Kingdom Hearts fans. I was hoping for some actual insight on Orginazation 13... or should I say 14 with the add of Xion, anyways, I was dissapointed that it completely revolved around Axel, Roxas, and Xion. In my oppinion, in some points of the game it just seemed like there was just a lack of story. It was all building up to the climax with Xion and all, but still felt like it could of added a lot more. And for the matter of Xion, I see her as nothing as a plot device thrown in to make the story of 358/2 to go on. She wasn't hinted to in the slightest in any of the games (even though she was apperently wiped from the memories of people there still could have been some indication of her existance) making it seem like, as I said before, just something that was thrown in to make the story make sense. The fact that shes the 14th member of Organization 13 doesnt make any sense at all, also adding to the "just thrown in there" assumption. Als- well... basicly just the rest of the ranting is about Xion. Moving on now, the game play. The game play is pretty good, provides some challenge, but excluding the new panel system, there is basicly nothing new except a few new heartless, and even that could be wrong since I havent played Kingdom Hearts 1.

Mario and Luigi: Superstar Saga... put short, amazing game. Nice, somewhat lengthy story, amazing gameplay, nice humor, over all nicely done game. Other than completely praising the game, I dont have much to say about it. Same goes for MoL: Partners in Time, all though im not enjoying PiT as much as SS, it is still an amazing game.

In other news, if you havent heard, the band Gorillaz have came out with a new song for the first time in awhile, Check out the Gorillaz website to hear it. And if you have'nt heard the Gorillaz.... you've missed out.

weeeeell thats it

Happy New Years and Christmas, folks

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YEP, look whos doing this late, durr hurr hurr.

But anyways yeah, hope everybody had a happy christmas. I personally had a good christmas, got some good stuff :U

Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks, the only one Ive beaten as of yet, very good game and entertaining, if you were a fan of Phantom Hourglass, you will not be dissappointed with this game. The only major game play difference between the two is that in ST you are limited to traveling by the rails, were in PH you can go anywhere that theres sea.

Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days, the other DS game that I've started playing as of yet, the game play is good and all, but from what I've read about it, it does seem to be just something to appease fans. The whole Xion thing kindof throws things off, since she's member FOURTEEN of Organization THIRTEEN. But yeah, I havent gotten that far in it myself, so im not really in a place as of yet to really criticize it on parts, but BE READY, for when I am able to criticize parts I WILL, if I dont forget about it or if I feel like typing it out.

Mario and Luigi: Super Star Saga, sadly havent touched it yet, but if its anywhere near as good as Bowsers Inside Story it will be worth it

Mario and Luigi: Partners in Time, same as what I said with Super Star Saga.

Little Big Planet, PSP version, played it from time to time when my DS wasnt in hand, havent gotten far into it, at all, but it is amusing to say the least.

AND I GOT SOME ART CRAP, my newest fad that I suck at, examples of my terrible art at my dA :U

100 or so regular markers, that if I wasnt so bad at coloring could be some amazing stuff to use to its full potential.

Like, 5 Prisma Color Markers, same as I said with the regular markers

125 Piece "Ultimate" Art set, oh man, all sorts of crap came with this, colored pencils, water colored pencils, paints, sharpeners, erasers, and some other stuff I cant remember.

AND yeah, thats it, hope you guys got some good stuff as well.

And in other news, happy start of a new decade, everyone.

2009 wasnt the best for me and my family, though the only one that directly happened to me is the Carbon Monoxide Poisining, all though that happened to my family as well, BUT YEAH. And I do doubt that everyone else had a care free year unlike me.

But still, hope everyone has a good new decade. I sure as hell hope 2010 wont be a repeat of 2009 and that it will actually be good.


See ya next time people

Well crap

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Ive just noticed that I havent touched this account in ages. Though it looks like I still used it last year but eh it feels likes been a lot longer or something -shrugs-. Anyways yeah, im still alive and kicking. Just been busy with life, other websites, and the works. I guess Ill try to be active on this site again.

So yeah, im alive, im somewhat back. and all that crap