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First Blog from Arjan (Redman1984) from The Netherlands

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This is my first blog. I´m not quite sure what a blog exactly is. It is almost the end of 2008 and I have never posted a blog on the internet (maybe I should be ashamed?). But because I´m surfing at my favourite website of all-time every day, I thought I give it a try.

I'm from The Netherlands. We have also a Gamespot website in Dutch, but that is not so exciting and extensive as the American version. In The Netherlands (if you American's know where that is, most American's think the country is called Amsterdam, but that is our capital city).

In the Netherlands (with 16 million people) we are very tolerant. We tolerate a lot of things, like softdrugs is legal, euthanisia, prostitution, abortion, etc. I will put it more strongly: in The Netherlands all of these things we were the FIRST in the whole world.

We are also tolerant against sex and violence. There has never been a ban against a game or a movie. For the South Park episodes for example our ratings board says: 6 years and older. All other countries say at least 12 or 16 years older. We don't have green blood as in Germany. Manhunt 2 was banned in Great-Brittain last summer, and for the first time The Netherlands followed Great-Brittain. What a shame!

In The Netherlands we also make games. Killzone, Killzone Liberation and Killzone 2 from the developers of Guerilla is a good example. But also the Puzzle Quest series is from Netherlands. Anybody remember Portal? The idea and a concept level was created by a Dutch student from Delft. Valve (from Half-life) saw this at a game-concept competition and they bought this Dutch guy out and now Valve is making millions with Portal.

So this was my first blog. Was this a good start? Can anybody give me some feedback?

Thanks for reading. Maybe till next time.

- Arjan (Utrecht, The Netherlands)