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I was in the first wave of beta access to Smite and played it for a little while but then when my old computer broke down I just abandoned the game until now where I saw a video of how it looked like now and with all the new fun game-modes so I thought I'd share the vid here because it made me love smite again! What do you guys think of Smite? Is it something you're interested in? =)
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I found age of wushu like last week when I was looking for some fun new f2p game to play and saw age of wushu was a martial arts centered game so I looked through some videos of the game and thought it looked less impressive after a few videos where the combat just looked boring. especially this video: it made me think it was kinda baad, but do you think so too? does it get better later in the game or is it a tired grindy wow-clone?