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@R3FURBISHED: Yeah mate you do know the entire score to GTAV was wrote and performed by Tangerine Dream yeah? Couldn't be any further from hip hop :).

But if you are talking about the radio then just change it. A lot variety exists in that game.

I highly recommend soulwax fm. (also another great artist)

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Hardcore console, what an oxymoron!

you sir are a troll and an idiot... but mainly an idiot (which is let lose in the form of a really stupid troll)

.... just saying

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I don't get whats wrong with 30 fps, its more like movies.

Did you know movies only run at 24 fps?

you do know that movies and games are two entirely different things right?

Pause a movie... you'll get masses of motion blur ... pause a game, you get a perfectly rendered world. Frame rate in a game is massivly important as it makes up for the non scripted nature of the rendering (which movies are, totally scripted in terms of cinamtography)

Basically higher the frame rate with games, the better. movies don't need to be higher

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PSN went down twice in one week for a minimum of 8 hours each time, gamers like myself could not start up and play PSN purchased games because of it...Think about that for a minute, i was unable to play games on my $400 gaming console because the network was down....Who the hell wants to be bothered with that, and in a year from now when the average gamer collects 20 or more disc based games, every PS4 or X1 owner has to serously contemplate on spending more money on an internal or external hard drive?

If your PS4 was activated as your primary this wouldn't be an issue. However you are clearly account sharing with one of your buddies. I do this too (and anybody who wants to buy games at half price should do this also).

Account sharing is your choice... Sony didn't force you to do it and therefor should not be held accountable for it. Most of your other points i agree with but you still missed out on the basics... the Wii U has no games, pathetic graphical ability and one horrid controller. It shouldn't even be compared to the PS4 or xBone.. its just not in the same league

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@silversix_: you do... its called your TV remote.....

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Homeworld 1 and 2 ... also Freelancer.... amazing games

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flagged for gameism.... implying that one group of gamers are better than another is highly offensive... you should be ashamed of yourself. you are no better than the the dudes that started WW2!!!!!

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I don't think that any of these pretend games have $100+ million budgets, so no.

Discerning console elitists demand a certain minimum level of quality that is explicitly defined by the amount of money spent to develop and advertise a game.

Who cares about gameplay? It's all about the Benjamins, cookie cutter (sequel) movie games, and smoke and fog.

LOTS of smoke and fog.

lolllllll you utter moron :)

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@SolidTy: yup... had a Z for over a year now. been in a meter of water with it and not an issue. you can even use the touch screen with it

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I've always been a huge fan of Xperia phones so this will be an awesome addition when i upgrade next spring :D