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A "good" Aliens game would make me a happy man indeed! I love the 2nd pic of the Alien, very atmospheric!

When was the last time they made a good Alien anything

Alien vs Predator was great.

hahahahaha okay hazy.... okay

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wow the amount of lems crying on Bungie's official forums is amazing wow. You can taste their tears and you know what? Even their tears taste like shit!

Bungie has just shown that they aren't the same company that cared, more than anything else, for it's fans.

No, they are just choosing not to support the xbone..... thats nothing to do with their fans. Simple business. ITS A NEW GENERATION. lems can always migrate but never do... mainly due to stupidity

Also don't forget that HALO was originially intended for a MAC only release... lems have nothing to cry about

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ewww, off screen footage


Let's see if the cows will notice this? would they not notice it? You can see the TV and someone's hand shows up like 30 seconds into the video

Trust me.. This is system wars, watch for the judgmental comments not taking this into account. Wait for it... :P

Uh, isn't that pretty much what you do all the time?

Don't make me come over there? Do you always have to be a child in the threads I'm in?

One line wonder, It is going to be ok.. I promise :p

You're the one who usually acts like a child and throws a fit

or need I remind you of this:

"You're an idiot.....Fucking worthless fanboy. Go suck a graphics card t***. And pound some ram in your ass.

Butt-hurt? You weak fuck....Really?

Butt-hurt? I would beat the fuck out of you...Brain or brawn....My arms are as big as your legs chump."


hahahahaha thats the funniest rage i've ever seen.... @b4x you need to grow up and stop throwing your none existant internet weight around.

Oh that made me chuckle i must admit :)

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@Wasdie said:

2) This isn't 2001 anymore. Even the most unoptimized games are usually completely playable. Driver issue and hardware incompatibilities are basically a thing of the past. It's not 100% plug and play but it's damn near close.

Hahahaha..... sorry mate... most of your post i agree with.... however that is utter nonsense. A thing of the past... righto :)

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$50 for a year old 8 hour game? lol

Clearly you havn't tried the multiplayer..... it goes well beyond an "8 hour game*

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Got a few questions about a few very questionable moderation decisions.... don't wanna explain it here until i know i'm "allowed" too..... otherwise i'll just get banned again

Anywhere we can discuss this on the forums?


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@locopatho: Guessing you've never played TLOU MP then.... the best TPS Multiplayer on PS3 (and soon to be PS4, although warframe might just keep that crown)

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@gfxpipeline: Sorry dude.. i'm one of the biggest cows on here and i can tell you now, most games were P2P on PS3

Only a few had dedicated servers. Like battlefield... all cod's (after MW2) were P2P on ALL platforms (including PC)

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@scatteh316: are herms really still banging on about this? its been OVER A YEAR since this topic first came up and you have nothing new to share? really?... let it go. its entirely a matter of opinion... this was agreed 12 months ago... get some new material

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@Pffrbt: so... by your logic.... (as Mirko suggested) Zelda should not be included.

Its clear why the "rules" are the way they are... Uncharted is by far the best sequal to come out of e3 (at least in the way of fidelity)

FFL knows and understands this.. hence the specific exclusion... but he is a troll account so its expected

Its like saying which was the best Sci-Fi game to come out of E3 but you can't include Halo coz it was all cut scenes. Lems would go ape s**t (and halo wasn't the best sci-fi game btw, thats open to debate)

Luckily the average cow can actually form a decent arguement instead of outright denying the truth (looking at you @FreedomFreeLife)