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Got a few questions about a few very questionable moderation decisions.... don't wanna explain it here until i know i'm "allowed" too..... otherwise i'll just get banned again

Anywhere we can discuss this on the forums?


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@Murderstyle75: Oh yea... Killing kids is fine as long as she was being mugged! I mean come on guys?? Not saying she didnt have the right to defend herself, but ending two kids lives?

Anyone stopped, paused and thought... maybe they were too young and stupid and naive to know any better? Maybe they do need a hard lesson... but death isn't a lesson... its a sentence man.... not right at all

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Not good enough to warrant buying them on disc.I-AM-N00B
Oh boy... you know nothing dude and PSN games
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Naughty Dog


Tayarch (just for zombies, its done so well)

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BF3 graphically


BF2 + Project Reality for realism

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Join PS+ and get BF3 for free!

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The Last of Us

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With a few obvious things aside, different devs, different gameplay (ammo isn't scarse as fook for example), Always online persistsant world

I feel as though The Division will play much like an TLOU but in an open world, MMO style system

Having completely fallen in love with TLOU Multiplayer (so far, its better than the SP for me), its made The Division the most anticipated game for the this coming gen for me (including BF4, and i'm a BF Fanboy!)


Any thoughts?

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Yea... one of the highlights of E3 so far. Looks amazing
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IW seem to be really pushing the doggy as a massive part of the game... WHO GIVES A F**K? people buy COD because of the COD mechanics, not to control a damn dog. Also, don't act like its a "new thing' IW..... BF4 had dogs, one was shot and the other knocked out within 3 seconds of seeming them like but still, YOU ARE NOT UNIQUE Respawn are gonna s**t all over you with TitanFall.... only xbox exclusive i'm jealous of

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