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Mind as well while I am around

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What you heard is true, Raven and I did break up back in October. However, the reasons behind it are kept between the two of us. The time together was good, I will say that. I can't really say much though since I am only here once in a blue moon. I have been mainly focusing on college, swimming, work, and art. Also within the past couple months, I'm in another relationship now but with an artist. Already hit some rough points sooner then expected as well. Game wise when I have time, it's been mainly Guitar Hero. x3 I have most of them for the ps2 and enjoying the music. Other then that I just sit around deviant art now and idle there. Not much left with college now since I'll be working on my MD in the future. It'll also mean I'll be around even less. Might even forget about GS one of these days and finally move on.

All I really have to say. Hopefully everything is well for everyone else. :)

Another stop in

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ya I decieded to stop in again XD dang it feel like forever since I was active here. lol 2 years flew quick and Im in senior year of college now. so much to do yet got so much time on the side now. yay for the upper 300's 400's classes XD Well I might stick around and might not never know with me. :P

just stoppen in

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Heh nothing since December. Kinda interesting. Well so far I'd like to say that I am still in college. going onto my 4th year with chances of going for a double major. My grades have been getting better to. All I'm gonna really say for now. So to those that are even alive, how are ya?

Well Happy Holidays...

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Eh I didn't get much but eh a new NickelBack CD called Dark Hoarse happens to be a good one :3 lotta good new songs on it really. X-mas was alright other then worken today @.=.@ ... eesh I stay at work for one person.... WTF that is BS .... no point in me going if one person shows up in the 3 hours I'm there. wtf is the point in opening the pool when at most 5 people show up in the day? I see it as a useless idea. Also there were only 3 rooms booked... 3 ****** ROOMS!!!!! Jeeeeze.... the point of being there was useless... sheesh close down the place for a day and sckrew the people I say :/

eh before I go off on a tangent and ranting about it ... other then that things were ok and still drawing and all that but haven't brought anything online at all yet. Eh give me time and will do x3 other then that Merry Christmas to all of ya.

New game but eh ... challenging puzzles...

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Ya I got the third one of the Spyro series XD but eh it's a pain @.@ eesh... seriesly can keep ya on edge for awhile. Eh it's also a pain when ya have to save the moles though... I wish you could just use Spyro's ice instead of trying to figure out how to carry the dang tub of water. x.x sheesh... well so far, I'd say it's a good game so far. The story line is still good, more freedom which is nice but still some cliches here and there. Other then that it's good here and there. might do a reiew later though.

I feel so angered atm

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I don't know wtf is wrong with kids these days. eesh, nothing but ****ing brats lately I can't stand it. eeesh, also they were nothing but loud and obnoxious little ****s I am so tired of it. I'd rather take a gun to work and just shoot every kid that climbs over that wall or break one of the other rules at the pool. Some of these kids don't even come down with thier parents and they f'n lie to me about thier age  as well when they clearly and I mean clearly don't look it or act it. All they want it as is thier way or whine and ***** about every god forsaken thing in the place. The parents are even ****ing worse. If I had my choice, I'd literarly kill each one of those brats.


*end of rant* 

Anyone who watches or tracks me plz read this blog...

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Part of Journal taken from Deveint Art, I thought this would be worth utting here as well:

Eh ya to begin things off, I did have a normal routine this morning before heading off to the Cancer walk today. Walked 5Km and donated some money towards the effort of finding a cure. However, I did find out something I never expected.

One of my team mates made a bad mistake and it almost cost him his life. He and four others went to a party over the weekend and got themselves drunk. The one though that I mention now, he got himself drunk to the point where he passed out. He was rushed to the hospital last night and as far as I know, his life signs were low and he was in a coma. He had his stomach pumped but he didn't wake up yet. More then likely he is either awake or still in a coma. :(Drinking without control at all is very bad. Well drinking alcohol is bad in general but he also did this a week before a swim meet so this means we made be down a few members cause of the mistake they made. I can only pray now that my team mate makes it out of the hospital alive and nit in a coma still. :(

If I hear good news I'll edit this journal. If not then I plan on just doing a new one.

Edit: Well found out that he is still in a comma and that right now the incident is being investigated as possible hazing. This isn't good at all. I only know is that the future is uncertain at this point even with this season itself. I fear one side and hope for the opposite. Ironically the kid that ended up in the hospital, he is one of the guys that would swim in the same lane as me and I was just getting to know him better to. Nice guy and all, but this... I can't turn away from. To hurtful to and it hurts knowing he is in a coma.

Edit #2: well he's out of a coma and is right now not in any shape to be doing anything. It's unknown what will the conclusion to this incident till tomorrow morning at 7 est. I had to give up 4.75 hours of work to be able to go to this mandatory meeting where there is no excuse not to be there. There I'll probably find out everything which happened on that Friday night. I am atm not just ticked at the guys that pulled this junk on Friday but also relieved that one of the team mates are ok. I have some dough he may still be himself but it seems he has been given a second chance now. Hopefully some of those guys who were there that night and other people learn from this.

I will do one more final edit on all this tomorrow. As of right now, I'm still to emotional about all this. I swear my coach was going to break out on tears this morning. As of right now, he's stuck helping with finding out what happened.

Quote on Alcohol:
"When you drink, you not only hurt your body, you hurt all those around you. You will not only ruin the body you were given at birth but also the life in which you live in day in and day out." - unanimous

(sorry that I didn't take the edits out but it just seemed not worth it.)

A month...

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Meh just letting people know I'm alive even though my activity has really died out here :lol: no matter really. Eh things have been more of a roller-coaster type of sense. As usual good in somethings and loosing what the hell the teacher is even talking about during another time. O.o Makes me wonder how the hell am I suppose to get what they are saying and stuff. Well Analytical Chemistry proved my point well... first part... to many formulas to know what the hell to use. x.x so ya messed the first exam up... thank god for 5 of them or I'd be screwed. Next one is on Buffers. in opinion Buffers are easier then blasted error BS; Seriously! o.o .... ok onto other things... lol As for the Ethics ****I am going through... so far so good... all B's and A's... I hope it stays that way even after the essay exam today which was a pain.. :roll: I admit... I suck at doing essay writing. :| Then comes in line is Organic Chemistry... how the hell do I explain that one... only thing I know is that I'm Acen the lab like it's nothing. O.o yet still trying to get mechanisms... arrows arrows and nothing but arrows @.@ wtf ... then there is physics... eh no explanation on that... all nothing but algebra so far... yet nothing new... want to choke the professor for nothing in depth yet cause it's what I signed up for that ****for yet it's all basics. :| First two weeks I got extra sleep :lol: just because it was mathmatical review. Now for the physiology lab repeat... same old same old yet for some odd reason the professor made it easier this year where he isn't doing any trick questions... what took him so long for that -.- :roll: can never understand with it at times.

Other then school life I still got my arts and swimming. first meet coming up and it's at UB ( University at Buffalo ) invitational. Haven't been in the water for 8 months before practice started yet I pulled some good times a week ago. eh maybe I got a shot, maybe not. No clue on how good I'll do this year but knowing me... I'll probably suck so I have no high hopes. my only goal is getting through what will stick with me the rest of my life.As for the art stuff, been letting people know I think that the commission's thing with me is still open. eh well what can I do ... need the money on the side to pay for school, and training trip. I owe the school around $150, the coach $400 just to take care of things. -.- yet atm the job I have only works for food and gas money but very little on the side for the training trip and school. :roll:

As for normal life, just the usual stuff day to day. Normal routine and things. Studying and getting sleep while I can and socializing in free time if there is any at times.

All I really have to say though. Talk to everyone again soon.;)

20... eh ok.. second day of it

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ya no longer a teen. heh now I can complain about teens now that I'm no longer one :lol: j/k j/k cause I know I was one for quite a long time. :P nothing much going on other then the usual drawing, studying, work and swimming stuff. eh well only thing that sucks is waiting for the lines to go down in the galley where I usually get my lunch. :| eh well nothing I can do since people come in and go. All I can really say for now. Ciao.