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Professor Layton

Hi Everybody!

I just finished playing Professor Layton and the Curious Village on the Nintendo DS and it is my favorite DS game of all time. Even after I finished the actual story i went back to beat every single puzzle there is. (I know, I have no life)

Oh well don't have much else to say... HAPPY NEW YEAR!

I'm very sorry :(

Hello to anyone who still remembers me. I said previously that i would try to stay up to date, but as you can tell i epically failed. The reason being is that I've been getting tons of homework each night I just want to say here and now, not making any promises, but I will do my best to check up. Thank you. This distraction will be over by November at the latest.


Hello I'm back and i got some good news... THE PACKERS ARE 2-0!!!!

well, anyway i'm back. If i can i will try to post a cool play i did on madden 08 if i can figure it out.

I'll try to make another post this weekend...

thx, Red_Resonance

Not going to be around much...

Sadly I have to say that because of school and other stuff I will be around Gamespot less. Don't worry though I will do my best for a weekly post and try to catch up on messages and comments and other petty things like that every other day at best.


Pealse Jion

Can you read this?

Hlleo! It's fnuny taht you can udsertannd tihs cploteme gbersih, huh? Ttah's bceasue it's not gsiberh. A crtain uivsiernty has doisverced that as lnog as the fsrit and lsat lteetrs are in the wirte palce the hmaun bairn can imdiattely dceipehr it. Cool, ins't it?


Also this post is to ask for all my friends to join the Gaming News Union. Open to everybody and keeps udated with all big titles and basically anything related to gaming.

Tanhks for yuor tmie! ;)

General Topics

Gamespot Wide is the new Gamespot, and I think that it is a downgrade to me. The Home-page, although nice and organized, looks like a complete rip-off of the Giantbomb hompage. The new profile pages look disorganized and cluttered, it's hard to find what I'm looking for...

Sorry Gamespot Wide :(

R.I.P. Old Gamespot :cry: We'll miss you...


Now to brighten things up, another Cubetoons comic!!:P

:lol: Makes me laugh every time:lol:


I got Madden NFL 2009 the day it came out and my written review should be out momentarily.


The Olympics! It started the eighth and has been going since! Michael Phelps is going to try and break Spitz's record for 7 golds in one olympic go-around. Which team are you rooting for?


Football season stated! It's about time! Go Green Bay Packers! Too bad it's only pre-season though... :|


Also something quite interesting. Spongebob used to be my favorite cartoon and i may still watch episodes here and there. Well I was playing Madden and I went to the song list and there were a bunch of songs made by Sam Spence who made these songs for old NFL films. One of them was called the linebacker and when I heard it I identified it as the theme song for mermaid-man and barnacle-boy, the two old supeheroes. I thought it was pretty cool.

New Banner!!!

After my last banner which was complete crap, Sandshark8 showed me how to use photobucket so 50kb limit no more! This beats my old one by a long shot.

Comment on what you think of it! ;)

Comments Wanted

well I have the Nintendo DS but i only have a few games for which the only one I treasure is LoZ: PH. I was thinking of getting a new game and I'd like to know what DS games you like. :P

Packer's gone Favre-less

Brett Favre the legendary, veteran of the Green Bay Packers had an amazing record-breaking season last year. From most touchdowns to most pass yards to most consecutive starts, the hero always seems to impress all fans with one spectacular play after another. The Packers last season was an amazing run, the best for quite a while now, when it all ended with the New York Giants beating Green Bay in overtime in the NFC Championship, one step away from the Superbowl.

A couple of months passed and it was time for Brett Favre to make his dicision: is going to play another year or will he retire? When he flew to Green Bay, Wisconsin for his press conference he gave an emotional speech telling that the Favre era has come to end. Even given another chance weeks later to see if could play again, he turned the opportunity down.

Now that months have passed along with the NFL draft, Favre wants to play football again. Though now the Packers aren't as willing to take him back. They have already started training with the back up QB Aaron Rodgers who although talented, is widly less favored than Favre. They also drafted a two new Quarterbacks Brian Brohm in the 2nd round and Matt Flynn in the 7th.

After a whole lot of hardship and confusion, Roger Goodwell, the NFL comisioner, reinstated Brett who then was to fly to Green Bay to have open competition with the other QBs for the starting job. When he went to the practice, he left shortly because of a conversation he had the night before with Packers head coach Mike McCarthy. They decided it wasn't going to work out.

Now, once again, the Packers are looking to trade Brett. Favre wants to go to the Minnesota Vikings or the Chicago Bears, two of the Packers divisional rivals, but the Packers won't trade to either nor give him his release. The best two trade options right now are the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the New York Jets.

Leave comments about Favre. ;)


Quick reminder about the NYC Union. Open to any new joiners. The link:

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