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R18+ Rating (Updated)

Seems like it's going to be introduced here in Australia. YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! Finally, no more banned games! Take that Atkinson!

Update: Okay, it hasn't come through yet. However, the federal government is supporting it and there seems to be a decision coming soon

A Question, good sirs...

Should I buy Mass Effect? Not Mass Effect 2, but the original. I can get it for $20 AUS and I've heard it's a really good game from most people. However I have a friend with tastes coincidental to mine who says not to get it. I am very much and RPG man and very into good stories, however broken gameplay as we all know can seal a games fate. So what's your verdict?

Some of my gaming fails

Just I thought I should share them.

I'm not sure if this ones counts as a fail, though. I was playing Modern Warfare 2 at a friends house on Live and we were leaving before the match finished. I decided instead of just dropping out, I would suicide with a grenade so I didn't disappear. So I chuck the grenade at my feet and it went off. That's odd I though, it gave me kill. I see someone got hit by the splash enough too die when I wasn't even paying attention.

Another fail was when I was doing co-op with my cousin in world at war. We were coming up to the part early on in the campaign where there's the shelled out building full of enemies and there's a trench in front. My cousing gets close to the edge of the trench and starts picking the enemies off, which one of them threw a grenade at me. Thinking I was so clever I went to through it back but I messed up the aiming something terrible and landed it on the trench wall. Literally right infront of my cousins head. His gun was pointing out further than where the grenade landed. To be obvious, he was quite pissed at that.

And now this last one's not mine but a friend's who had come over recently. She was playing creeping rockets zombies on standoff in Halo 3 live. She ran outside which was fine, and stood near a satellite, right next to it. I point out to her that the compass shows zombies approaching her, and quite a few so she panics. She turns a full 180 to try and see them and fires blindly right at the concrete platform the satellite next to her is resting on and got a suicide. She did this several times without killing the enemy once.


Movember is an event that concludes at the end of this month in where participants grow moustachesin the hope of raising money to improve men's health and raise awareness. Those who would like to participate can go to It also seems Hulk Hogan is participating (despite haven't a moustache already)

I am a participant and wouldn't mind donations, which can be made here:

I so var have gone about 20 days without shaving my upper lip, and I can tell you it irritates.

Why do people think Cloud (Final Fantasy 7) is emo?

Just a little rant, my first on the internet.

Oh, heads up, Spoiler Alert. Though the game is 11 years old. If you haven't played it, you should

I just want to know why people think Cloud is emo. Yes, he is depressed and seems to complain a lot, but I think he has a good reason to. His hero, Sephiroth, destroyed his home town and nearly killed him and his best friend and future wife, before falling into a ton of Mako. He was betrayed by the company he worked for, Shinra, who then did experiments on him and his best friend Zack. Then when they escape from the labratory, they are hunted down by Shinra infantry, where Zack is shot to death. I'm assuming they already thought Cloud was dead since he was unconcious from Mako addiction. Later on, he finds out that his once hero now enemy is still alive and is threatning to destroy everything. Oh$*!% ! Then later on, what might be his current girlfriend is killed by his ex-hero present-nemesis while trying to save everyone after Cloud almost did it himself.

Not only that, he ends up having his memories and even very existance questioned. Tifa never saw cloud in Neibelheim (sorry if I mispelt that), Sephiroth claims Cloud is a replica of him and half of his memories are missing. While it turns out Tifa never saw him, it was because he was in full armour, and Cloud does have Sephiroth genes, but they were injected into him instead of himself been created by them. In Advent Children, he's living with the guilt that he couldn't save Aerith.

That above, should be well justified for his depressiveness. That's not emo, that is very unlucky and sad. Also, before Final Fantasy VII, in Crisis Core, you see him as a happier more energetic person. It's obvious the events made him as he was, not that he was upset by nature. In Advent Children, towards the end, you see Cloud has forgiven himself over Aerith's death and he seems more upbeat. He even tells Sephiroth "There's not a single thing I don't cherish!" which doesn't sound as impressive out of context. When he wakes up in the pool of water in the chapel he fell through in Final Fantasy VII, he also smiles when he sees Aerith and Zack and plays with the children including his adopted son.

Therefore, I do not think Cloud is emo

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