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Annnnd... all of my message history is gone. :|


Mine is gone as well. I had over 800 pages of saved messages in there...hope it's not lost.

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Finally came back to writing SoB2 last night, and finished chapter seven. It was harder due to my not having written in it for so long, but I got it done. I'm still liking the overall presentation of this book more than my first one.
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Point taken, but I never implied that the organization could compete with the O.H., or at least I don't think I did. If it was a random terrorist group then it's quite possible that they would not have access to gear that would be useful in forensic study.
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"Regarding someone just "accepting" another person's disposition, it is hard to imagine someone accepting a suicide bomber for who they are and just walking away, shaking their head no. The act of acceptance means you are not just okay with that person's ideology, but you may even support them. Hence why I think you mean 'tolerate' instead of 'accept', in which case we have a prima facie statement that works itself out. The problem is, why would someone tolerate something harmful? You can see the train of thought starting to develop. Why do they think this person is harmful to begin with? Why is that person harmful? Is it really okay to just tolerate that? And so on."

Reading that, I think a good way to explain it would be that the situation hits a line that separates tolerance from permissiveness. Should a parent "tolerate" their child going to a party in an outfit that is slightly less modest than they would normally approve of? Perhaps. Should a parent also "tolerate" their child using drugs at the same party? No.

In the same line of thought, should we tolerate other peoples' religious views? Absolutely. Should we continue to tolerate those views when they become direct threats to the lives of people in our country, and to our freedom? Uh, no.

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Oh, take your time. Finding some free moments for sitting and reading on the PC has been a little rough for me too as of late, lol. And whenever I do get free time, I generally want to spend it doing something else.

I've stalled for a bit in writing SoB2 as well, after completing six chapters. I need to get away from it a little and try to come up with some ideas as to what exactly should occur next in the story.

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Yet another little thing that I never noticed...well, thanks. ;)

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"Theoretically, these two are experienced Predator-lites without the plasma cannons."

But I never wrote with the intention of giving them that feel. SoB is, after all, mostly a young-adult fiction.

"I'm not quite sure what the environment here is, but it seems to be at least *partly* underground, which means that you'll be able to hear anything they say from a hundred feet off, unintelligible or not."

Partly, yes, but not completely. ;) Still, they were able to just whisper and still hear each other via their mics.

"Also, for an organization which seems to want to maintain some veneer of secrecy, these Oreza-Hadenshi guys don't exactly hand out the most subtle mission types."

If everybody is blown up in the end, there's nobody left to explain how it happened, lol.

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"I find it more natural to have 'Terry chukled' either in a paragraph of its own or at the beginning of the paragraph where Terry is talking."

You're the second one to bring up that point now, lol. I wish I had considered it before beginning work on the sequel, because now I'm reluctant to change it for SoB2.

"I would imagine her tone with a teacher that is annoyed that her student doesn't understand something simple."

Point taken.

"From that point out though I found nothing to comment on. I thought it was well-written and a very nice read over-all- Great stuff."

Thank you!

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"Are you sure that's how adrenaline works? I mean adrenaline is a way for the body to send signals faster, I'm not sure you actually use it up."

Well to be honest I stretched what was possible anyway, in the fact that they can even willfully produce adrenaline whenever they want. Adrenaline is supposed to only kick in naturally, when you're in some sort of danger or seriously engaging situation.

"On the chapter itself, I still can't help but feel like the whole thing resembles a summer camp more than a training area for assassins, which the students are forces to participate in."

Yeah, I am aware, lol.

"That said, this chapter did make me curious as to why the other instructors won't allow the other students to learn the good stuff yet, and I'm hoping the answer isn't just differences in their personal training philosophies."

I hope you're not expecting all the little deatils of the book to be explained, lol. There are a lot of things that go without answers. I won't say whether or not that particular issue is one of them to avoid possible spoilers.

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Had to take a break for a while, but I finished the fifth chapter tonight. It's surprising how similarly structured this book is when compared to the original, and yet it is also wildly different. I'm guessing it's a good thing, but we'll see. :P

And Sharpie, I hope to get back to reading Nostos soon. Between reading other books, writing my own, and other stuff going on, I haven't gotten to it in a few days. :(