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oh ok like the artic armor i got from gamestop ok

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like what are they talking about ill trade you this locus armor for this other piece how can you do this and is there some speacial armor you get by doing something

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you dont need to know anything about the star wars movies this is a whole different story and better imo you should have gotten this game when it came out lol your behind

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and bro i was just joking but let me know if you need one i got a 14 day pass in my halo game case

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ya i have a 14 day pass for my pants!!!!!!!!!

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hi guys im needing to get a good headset so im wondering if turtle beach ear force x12 is a good choice

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whats the deference of the headsets sorry im kinda a noob with all the gaming lol
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Trading doesn't bother me, as long as the game is finished and I get a good amount of credit for it. I prefer to trade with friends one copy for another if possible though. For example I just got Horizon from a friend who didn't like it, I just traded him a game of mine and things worked out. Glad you got Halo 4 despite being short on cash, hope you enjoy there dude.

thanks bro im sure i will enjoy it it looks amazing imo
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um i got mine launch night i was 15 at the time when it came out in 05 right i think thats right but anyways all day i was watchin the g4tv show atots counting down the time till ir released and then 1 hour before midnight me and my mom went out to wal-mart to get it i live in a small town so i knew i would be ok but man i was wrong if i showed up 10 secs later i would have been screwed i got the secound to last one so i felt bad for the guy who was behind the guy who was behind me lol and i got two games that night with it madden and kameo kameo shocked me by how great it was lol i just wanted to fix something i think it was kameo or perfect dark zero that night which ever one released that night was it but i did play kameo the most lol

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I apologize dude. :( That was a dickish post. . I'm looking forward to halo 4 too. dkdk999

hey man its alright we all do stupid things bro and im sorry for runnin my outh in that post also