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pokemon was the BOMB back in my day it came out at the pefect time for my age in got big in what 1998 i think right around the and i was 8 at the time so it was just so amazing to me

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no guys it dont have to be like DBZ im just saying that was the only one iv watched so far im wanting something with some action and a good story and i know i might be an idiot for askin this but what is a filler

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hi guys im new to watching anime well i guess i'am new, the only one i have watched was DBZ so im just looking for some other good shows like it, i want one with a good story and strong stand out chars so any recomends would be great thanks

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old RPG legend of dragoon PS1 great game brings old memories of me as a kid playing it

Enchanted Arms xbox360 decent game

Chrono trigger 3ds great game so far first time playing it

DBZ attack of the sayions alright

dragon age 1 360 very good rpg imo

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ok thanks guys for all the info having a blast playing FallOut 3 this game has really pulled me in i havent played any of the other games yet
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ok so i got a few games from a buddy who traded in his 360 so he gave me some of his games so i was wondering if they are any good i dont know much about them so they are

fallout 3

batman AC

Star Wars force unleashed 2

crysis 2

and bio shock this game i was wondering if it is a game thats kinda scary i really dont like creepy games so is it and are these some good games? thanks for any info

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man i have to play with it on u cant play madden with out it tackling someobe with out it is just wrong i have to feel the pain i put on someone

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32'' LG son
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hit me up  SacredTitan16

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oh now ur trying the whole size messes up your performance thing hu