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playing skyrim and mass effect 3 on my xbox and i just got a ps3 this week  and im loving the game infamous cant wait to beat it and play the 2nd

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Ya bro add me my GT is SacredTitan16
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Hey bro add me I'll love to play the camp with someone my GT is SacredTitan16
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thanks guys for the help. i got it so now i have a ps3 sweet lol, so i know im going to get the God of war games and infamous, can yall tell me some good RPGs for the ps3 i should get thanks
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Hi guys so I'm thinking about getting myself a used ps3 from amazon it's a 120 gig and cost 150 so I'm just wondering if that's a good price or is there a price cut coming soon so I can just buy a new one thanks
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hi guys im a i guess more of an xbox guy then a ps3 but im looking to buy one so i was just wondering were a good place to buy one for cheap would be would gamestop be a good place

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ok thanks for the info guys so i went and picked up Tales of Vesperia and the witcher 2 instead of Eternal Sonata i think it just seems better
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so im thinking about getting these two games, can anyone tell me if they are worth the money. i heard Tales was good but i havent heard to much about the other im looking for some new rpgs to play thanks.

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i find it better to play games at night as well, due to the fact that during the day im working or just to busy to play during the day.

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Lost Oddysey. And if you wanna go way back, Legend of Dragoon for PS1.

oh man im just now starting to play LO and legend of dragoon my all time fav rpg back when i was a kid i cant believe i was ten when i played that game now im 22