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June 10, '09

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I've spent most of my morning, today, procrastinating by getting caught up on some games coming out that I've overlooked. Aion sounded so very sweet with you being able to have 'wings' by lvl 10 (I think) and aerial combat (something I'd love to do in WOW since I'm a druid with flight form) but as far as I can tell, it's a pvevp, pvp and pve mix, mmo (I haven't been able to confirm if it's pvevp only) which sucks for me since I love to pve with the occasional pvp when I feel like it, and with NCSoft behind the wheel, it's probably going to be a 'grind-fest'.. don't get me wrong, I love grind-fests, just not in my games.. *giggling*

Another one that I looked into was Edge of Twilight. The e3 09 trailers, not at btw, completely intrigued me (Someone Special & The Fall).... beautiful 'mood' music, poetic narration... It's 3rd person which sorta blows but the fighting/combat reminds me of Devil May Cry.. anyway, I hope it's just not all smoking mirrors but only time will tell since it's back in development hell for who knows how long.

*Disclaimer: Procrastination, young grass-hoppa, isn't for faint of heart since it takes years to master*