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And the thrill is gone...

I've noticed over the past month or 3, lol, I haven't been playing WOW religiously like I use to. When my main toon hit level 80, it was a joyous yet sad moment for me.. It was like 'I'm all grown up now, now what?' lol. I worked on getting my reputation up with certain factions to buy their mount, I've been pvp'ing in Wintergrasp, hell, I even have a loot card that gave me a 'pwn flag' for the game.. yes, I used it in Wintergrasp.. *giggling* So I'm pondering if my next goal should be leveling up my other toons to hit 80 or to continue to run around in pvp areas mooning everyone.. hmmmm :D

And for the record, my main toon is Alliance, but I have one 'baby' Horde toon.. I play to have fun, I'm not a 'in your face fangirl' and I really really hate it when I see in general chat, players calling other players 'noobs' because they ask a question.. grrrrrr :evil:

On a different note, I am and shall always be a noob'ette.... deal with it :twisted:

*Disclaimer: Not responsible for making little fanboys cry or offending anyone if I 'moon' them in WOW*